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  • Ponty AGM

    Snoop Just want to add a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the AGM last night. I'm very appreciative of all the hard work done by good, dedicated people running the club. I thought Stephen Reardon spoke very well last night, and summed up the season bang on. It was also encouraging to hear Peter Howells detailed financial report that showed profit for a consecutive third year. Its also worth mentioning the fantastic work Emma Rogers has done in bringing in a vast amount of sponsorship money to the club.
    From a very happy Ponty supporter - Diolch - Ole!

    • Bleddyn Davi Thank the lords that you guys opposed the 'hostile takeover'.

      • winsky01 I know, otherwise we could be supporting a village 'region' who are self funding themselves through illegal governmental/European funding.

        • Bleddyn Davi When exactly was this hostile takeover attempted?

          • Mogsy At the WRU EGM in June by Moffett and the 4 regions.

            • Bleddyn Davi Is it not slightly disingenuous to call it a hostile takeover? Also considering that at least some, if not all, of the regions voted FOR the WRU, I fail to see how you can conclude that they were involved in this so called 'hostile takeover'.

              • winsky01 The four regions screwed Moffett over. Not that I care as I hate the man but originally they backed him and his manifesto just to stir the WRU up but when it came to the crunch they changed their spots and got behind the union. Classy.

                • Bleddyn Davi I do like the way you present your interpretation of things as fact.

                • Bleddyn Davi The region's backed Moffet how?

    • Mogsy Yes I'll second that Snoop. There are a lot of full time professional outfits that would love to be in our position, and to hear Steve say that all the English clubs want to have us in their group in the BIC was heartening to hear.
      Congrats must go to the board and everyone associated to this great club for keeping us in profit for three years on the trot.

      • Blotto Thats great news about clubs wanting us in their pools. Shows we add value to a competition and are well respected and dare I say it, needed.

      • Sam Great news again. Well done everyone who runs the club on a daily basis!

        • Mogsy Another fact that came out of the AGM on Thursday night was regarding the play-off system for the BIC. The WRU are actually in favour of meritocracy, however it is the clubs that proposed the play-off system. So while the WRU get slated quite often, and rightly so on occasions, they are not always the villains that they are portrayed to be.

          • winsky01 But they are the governing body. They are quick enough to force rules and play hard ball when it suits them so why don't they show some balls here and do what is right?

            • Mogsy Simple really, until the clubs change their mind and go for meritocracy instead of play-offs, there's not a lot they can do. True, they could force through that only the top four qualify, but because all the clubs voted for play-offs, the WRU went with it. So if it's anyone's fault, it's the clubs who voted for the system we now have.
              Also, and I'm not being a doom monger here, but make the most of next seasons BIC. If we qualify of course. The English Championship clubs want to increase their league from the current 12, and if they get their way, will pull out of the BIC. The only saving grace is that the RFU don't want this to happen, so let's all hope that the RFU get their way.

              • ComeonthePont! Thanks Mogsy
                Then the Clubs have got it wrong imo
                End of.

                • Mogsy I totally agree COTP, it should be the top four who automatically qualify. Under the system we have now, and I mean no disrespect at all by saying this, but you could have Ebbw representing the Gwent region. Which to be honest is a joke, can you imagine that happening anywhere else. London Welsh have just been promoted to the English premier division, can you imagine the same scenario in England and London Welsh end up playing in the Heineken Cup. I think not.

                  • Sam If the clubs get to decide the qualification it is completely pointless. The BIC are the bumper crowd matches for the season except derby's or finals. You are surely always going to get a vote of 8-4 in favour of the 8 who didn't finish in the top 4 the previous season. If the WRU want meritocracy they need to step up and govern the game. Personally, top 3 and the Swalec Winners. If that is the same club, then top 4

                    • Mogsy Unfortunately Sam, this is the situation we have at the moment. Whether or not all 12 clubs agree on this, I do not know, but obviously the majority do. We are stuck with this system though until they decide otherwise.

                      • Pat Vellian If there has to be regional representation then it should be the top placed team in the region. If all teams knew this at the start of the season then it would add more spice to local derbies. I still don't agree with it though, it Wales are to have any chance of winning the BIC then the top 4 clubs needed to qualify automatically.

                        • H griffiths So very TRUE

  • Geraint Walsh

    The Pudding I suppose, given his consistently outstanding displays last season, this day was always going to come. The best tribute I could pay to Geraint is to say that he lived up to the standards his father set playing for Ponty in the 1970's. Ian was a superbly talented full back and a stand out performer for many seasons. Good luck Geraint, it was great fun to watch you play.

    • ianto As you say it's not unexpected news. Let's hope he gets a decent run of games to show what he can do at professional level. Good luck and thanks Geraint!

      • Neil S Another example of the system working so to speak. Good luck to Geraint. I still can't get on with it though, Pontypridd feeding Cardiff RFC. It really shouldn't be like this, the talent is here in the Valleys not down in the city. It is a travesty.

        • winsky01 So what you're saying is it's another example of the system not working?

          • Mogsy Guys he's signed a dual contract with the blues and us, so he'll still be available.
            He will probably play more for us than he will them anyway, because lets be honest they will probably only want him for their crappy lv cup games and injuries.

            • winsky01 Disagree. I think that man could be a massive hit for them. Some of the other players they've taken from us will struggle but I genuinely think Walsh could make it, he's got everything.

              • Martin Williams Agree with u whinsk wot a player and ad sad as it is to say i wud rather him be on a dual than leave us altogether, cheers

              • Mogsy I don't doubt for one minute that he could be a hit for them, but I've said it before and I'll say it again. Any player with any ambition to play at a higher level, should stay away from that lot down the road. If I was still playing and was offered a regional contract, it would be to any other region other than them. They ruin more players down there than anywhere else. Before anybody say's it will be different now that Dale and Paul are there, don't kid yourselves. It's the pie-man that runs things down there, no one else, as their new coach will soon find out.

                • RhwsPontyFan Scarlets are no better! Look what happened to Darren Harris?

                • Sam It will be interesting to see an official statement on Academy players allocated and what players will be in released to Prem. The Blues have 52 senior players at the moment! 14 on the list did play for us at least once last season. Must be a nightmare for Geraint / Johnsy to shape our squad, second guessing what players may be released and when.
                  Good luck Walshy though, well deserved chance at the pro game!

                • lenny Chuffed for walshy but gutted for ponty. In desperate need of a fullback with adam and geriant both leaving with dico and humbers.not sure if summerhill is ready to step up so hope we can sign a replacement. Or we could move gary back to the fullback position??

                  • Doris Matthew Nuthall has played well at fullback in the past, but with Owen going we are a wing down. Perhaps the coaches have players in the pipeline which will do well in the friendlies. Can't wait, time to start counting sleeps!

                  • Sam We obviously can't guarantee on Walshy or Adam Thomas being available now. Best hope is to get them for BIC or end of season games. However I think we have a duty to develop the next generation. I think Summerhilll has enough raw talent to get unleashed on the prem this year. So why not fullback? We must though sign another fullback who is contracted to Ponty only. It is a specialist position and requires a week in week out player.

                    • winsky01 I wouldn't be surprised if Adam Thomas is playing for Cardiff RFC next season.

                    • winsky01 I wouldn't be surprised if Adam Thomas is playing for Cardiff RFC next season.

                    • ComeonthePont! Not at all surprising but disappointing from a Ponty standpoint but well deserved for Geraint and I wish him the best of luck. He could really star on the plastic pitch at CAP.
                      We have lost our stand out player albeit the dual contract gives us some hope and this move has come a bit late so adds further concerns to me about what our squad will look like next year.
                      I maintain that we should look to improve year on year and as long as that happens I will be happy.

                      • Neil S Arent they all signed on duals..Ponty and the Blues, that's what I read on the announcements I think?

                        • lenny Have they signed humberstone for next season?..

                          • RhwsPontyFan All the best Geraint, you deserve an opportunity to show the rest of the rugby world how talented you are. See you at Sardis again sometime maybe?

                            • pj_becks Hopefully not in the BIC play-off!

  • Warburton

    dunhukin Could we have him on the bench?

    • winsky01 More like chance of him playing for Cardiff RFC or Glamorgan Wanderers than us!!

      • Stone He'll probably end up in Bristol (or London Welsh?) if the so-called regions refuse to play him.

        • ComeonthePont! Wouldn't be surprised he plays for Cardiff against us

          • ComeonthePont! By the way about time we had a clear squad announcement including Blues allocations.
            Then I can firm up on my thoughts for the Season which I must admit are very uncertain right now.

            • pontyboysdad
              Way things are going in the negotiations all the Blues allocations will be playing for the Blues (or Cardiff as they will now be known) ;-)

            • Martin Williams I am very positive for the season, we had a great one last year and with a bit of luck wud have won the bic, players who we have now deserve to be with us next year. I really dont know how u strengthen this squad and wot a squad it is cheers

              • Daiponty1 Hopefully with Huw and Pat back - the front row along with the guys from last year looks pretty strong

  • Last Friday

    Richard Evans My daughter's school had their end of year bbq and fund raising event at the club last Friday evening.
    First of all I have to say thanks to Ponty RFC for donating a signed shirt and a grogg for auction, and to Mark the bar manager for ensuring everything went smoothly.

    Without wanting to sound over critical, I feel the club missed out on some opportunities such as having the club shop open, maybe the chance to advertise season tickets even having a player or two in attendance (and having witnessed the likes of Jake Thomas at my daughter's school with the Swalec Cup, and the interraction between the players and kids post play off final, they are naturals, great with the younger support, and what I would like to see more of all over Welsh rugby).
    I don't know if similar functions are held at the club, but I do feel that there was a huge opportunity missed.

    • Richard Evans By the way, the pitch looked in superb condition too....

      • ComeonthePont! First Richard - great that your daughter's School used the Club.
        Second - I agree that it sounds like a missed opportunity.
        Our players are our main assets and the offer to have a chat with some of them, sign a few autographs and generally build relationships should imo be given for all events where the public use our facilities.
        If they don't want us then fine, but at least we could provide the option.

        • graigwen Is it in the players contracts that they have to promote Pontypridd at such functions? If not I think it is a bit harsh to criticise players for not attending a function which had nothing to do with Pontypridd RFC or indeed the game of Rugby. I noted that Dafydd Lockyer did attend the presentation of the mini's recently and good on him for that.

          • ComeonthePont! No criticism whatsoever of the players, just a thought on how the Club could maximise their impact in the local community, Contracts permitting of course.

  • bristol in the bic

    lenny If we get to play them we will be facing welsh internationals ryan jones, ian evans, matthew morgan and now adam jones is set to join them!

    • Martin Williams No probs our boys will relish the challenge, done it before and will do it again, we r ponty.

      • Phill The Bull The Season we beat Ulster away, then Bristol away, but blew it against Nottingham (8-13 last min try :-(... Gutted! ) was our big chance - No reason you lot can't compete with them when you dispose of 'Diff!

        • ComeonthePont! Our game against past Legends could well be a full house!
          BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!

  • Fixtures

    Phill The Bull September 13th Pontypridd vs Neath

  • Links

    pontyboysdad For goodness sake please put links in the links bit...it's hell on these tabs trying to select the link from the text.

  • WRU offered to take over regions

    Sam http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/rugby-union/28205291
    Seeing some of the numbers being mentioned on the internet in terms of their levels of debt, why on earth would they want to take over any of them?
    Without signing the PA they will not last till xmas. Yet again the big 4 trying to hold Welsh rugby over a barrel just to suit their own interests.
    Hopefully the WRU will take up the offer for one of the 4. And give them the June 2004 treatment. Then they can familiarise with all the other clubs stabbed in the back over regionalism.

    • iksmudge@yahoo.co.uk Screw them. Let the poison that is RRW pass and die. If what they say is true then let them go alone and die.

      • Daiponty1 Exactly - if they are so confident that they can survive in their own right, as independent entities then let them carry on - but they won't as they know they will be bankrupt by xmas

    • Daiponty1 I was going to scribe for the umpteenth time what needs to be done - but like the rest of the people who have yet to walk away from welsh rugby - I just can't be bothered such is the toxic environment - they are so full of their own self importance that they cannot see they have killed the game in Wales - sad but so very true

      • H griffiths SO TRUE

      • ComeonthePont! All brinkmanship by the Regions.
        Put forward a nonsense idea to stir up candyfloss and co.
        All will be sorted and we will move on to great success....European Cup and World Cup Winners without a doubt!

        • winsky01 On a slightly different note to all this, I read many of the Welsh related articles on BBC Sport and an interesting quote from an article to do with Richard Hibbard earlier in the week leaving the Ospreys -

          "I spoke to a lot of people who have moved on and they said it was one of the best decisions they have made to go out of Wales."

          Just about sums it up really.

          • Daiponty1 As I said - its a toxic environment that no amount of money can offset

            • ComeonthePont! Warbs may play for Cardiff in the play off at this rate!

              • Neil S Probably in his WRU central contract that he has too :-)

                • Martin Williams No problem smurf will deal with him bring it on.

  • fixtures 2014-15

    robert rees releasing on monday sometime by the wru

  • BIC Groups

    Martin Williams Any news when it will be announced what groups it will be in. Can't believe how long it takes to take 4 balls out of a bag. Would be nice to know what group we could potentionally be in, cheers

    • winsky01 Apparently they're trying to find a brewery to organise a p**s up in at the moment but are struggling with that...

      • winsky01 They obviously being the WRU.

        • Martin Williams London Scotish , Bristol and Connacht if we can beat Cardiff, happy with that. Its on the WRU website.

          • Martin Williams Do we play Bristol away in October or November, it has the away fixture down twice. I would say if it goes play home then away, my bet would be home in October and away in November.

            • pj_becks Correct. On the Bristol site they have Friday 28th Nov (7:45pm) at their ground. Just the small matter of qualifying now!

              • RhwsPontyFan We need to verify it WRU which is our home fixture date surely?

              • Stone Surely that has to be agreed by both teams?

            • winsky01 Some good trips there if we can overcome Cardiff.

              • Kevin Fitzgerald Tough group, nice trip to Bristol though

                • Stone Stupid question alert!
                  Is Connacht their first team (ie Pro 12)? The other Irish teams specify that they are their A sides but not with Connacht.

                • Neal Hammond Should get the boys' juices running.

                  • Sam Exciting times if we can qualify. You need 21-23 points to get through. We know both games v Scottish are winnable but will be very close. Connacht had 70 put on them by Llanelli last year. Obviously Bristol will be the ultimate test, however London Welsh and Leinster have fallen at Sardis, so who knows!

                    • ComeonthePont! Look no further than Cardiff, that will be tough.
                      Not at all clear what our squad is, but as I have said previously we need to improve it year on year.
                      If we don't others will catch up.

                      • Neil S Agree with above. However, only in Wales would the league and cup winners not "qualify" for a represenattaive tournament. Its an utter disgrace and the clubs should have stopped this regional qualification nonsense by now. Pontypridd RFC please go public on this farce it is truly horrific.

                        • H griffiths The Clubs had the oppertunity to vote for change in the recent EGM! but we all know what happend, very few of them had the courage to confront LEWIS & PICKERING, remember the old saying you reap what you sow, some people on this forum, should not complain, as they stated better the devil you know? Lewis & Pickering should have gone with Moffo, and so should the Club committee's that backed them.

                          • winsky01 The clubs didn't have the opportunity to vote for change. You keep banging this drum. They had the chance to vote for EITHER Lewis OR Moffett! Nobody else was at the table, there wasn't another individual running to change the way in which our sport is run. It was Lewis OR Moffett. As I have said, I don't like Lewis any more than you but back the club for not backing Moffett as Lewis was the lesser of two evils.

                            • H griffiths You are right about the Moffet proposal!, but they also had the chance to VOICE CONCERNS ABOUT THE WAY THE WRUIN WAS BEING RUN, winsky01 you are very passionate about the Pont, like most people on this forum, but sometimes we ALL need to look at the bigger picture, our time at the top will end sometime, but in my opinion as i have stated many times the likes of that lot down the road, and the other favoured ones, have time on their side, and the WRUIN, will assist them in every way.What will be your reaction then, as PD posted a short while ago how long before a name change, I support PONTYPRIDD RFC not a CLUB SUBSERVIANT TO THAT LOT AT CAP, and if you believe Lewis and Pickering are lesser evils than the tosser Moffet, then you are misguided, but you are entitled to your view.

                              • winsky01 What's the point in Ponty complaining? 95% of clubs in Wales are happy with their plight. If Ponty whinge to the union all we will achieve is alienating ourselves. My dream is Ponty to be playing in an all welsh professional premier division with meritocracy that would allow profess into the relevant European competitions. That wasn't on the table, probably never will be so I for one am content where we are, I would rather be where we are than being a development region in the Pro 12 like that Valleys Rugby initiative was aiming for.

                                • H griffiths There is a massive difference between, whinging and fighting for change. My dream is that every Club in Wales is treated fairly, and we all, at whatever level, have a fair and level playing field, and are ALL treated as full members of a true union, whithout exception, and qualification of all competitions is based on meritocracy. but I am dreaming this is Welsh Rugby. As I stated earlier you are entitled to your opinion.

                                  • graigwen Are you a shareholder Mr Griffith? If so get along to the AGM tonight and question your Directors. That is democracy.

                                  • winsky01 320odd member clubs, how many want change? I would say half a dozen or so. How will say 6-10 clubs out of over 300 wanting change be able to force that change? I agree with what you're saying, I want the system to change but it won't. The latest whinging from the favoured four is purely to get an extra 500k each pet season out of the WRU. Believe it or not they are in a strong position. They know the WRU are desperate to keep welsh players in the country so the regions have come out saying with out more money they will need to sell them. They know the WRU will back down.

                                • winsky01 *Progress*

                                  • Neal Hammond I can't resist making a slight contribution to this debate, boys. In my opinion, Ponty is a successful and very well managed enterprise, possibly the best in the morass of Welsh rugby and clearly on the side of positive and realistic change. My way of supporting that change in a practical way is by being a season ticket holder and contributing £10 a month to help make changes to the ground. No ifs and buts,I am happy with what Ponty stands for.

                                    • winsky01 Agree Neal. I just get fed up with reading posts along the lines of 'Pontypridd had their chance to change the game in Wales and did nothing.' It was a vote for either the current regime OR Muppett and as much as I despise the current regime if Muppett had got in then Pontypridd and the Welsh Premiership would have become even more irrelevant! If people think David Muppett would have improved our fortunes then they are mistaken.

                                      • Neal Hammond I guess it's still Evolution v Revolution, and I'm inclined to take the long view. I ask myself what's practical, and what's realistic? I've got no reason not to trust the way Ponty is managed (the WRU and its relation to the 'regions' is a different matter). Others may disagree, but I think they are in the minority.

                        • pontyboy2 i agree 101 percent with what you are saying neil .its a complete farce the way qualification for the BIC is run in welsh rugby.yes it is about time Ponty stood up and questioned it.on the other hand if we finished at the bottom of the league and got knocked out of the cup and still beat Kairdiff at the beginning of the new season it would still be wrong and unfair.champions should always qualify on merit . but there again we are talking about wruin.

                          • winsky01 Meritocracy is a word that doesn't exist within Welsh domestic rugby and it is that very thing that is driving supporters away in their hundreds and thousands and killing our game.

                            • Martin Williams All they have to do if they had the b***s is whatever club from that region wins the league/playoff automatically qualifies for the bic, anything else playoff. It wud mean a greater incentive to win the league. My preference is top 4.

  • Weepu to Welsh

    Kevin Fitzgerald http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/rugby-union/28243770

    Hope he plays at Sardis

    • pj_becks Flying out at the end of August apparently so maybe not.

      • Kevin Fitzgerald A friend of mine, who supports Welsh heard end of July.

        • RhwsPontyFan Should be a cracking friendly, especially if Darren Waters plays too?

  • Newport suffer Flanagan blow but swoop for sevens ace Cross

    chris kingsbury 28-year-old Dai has accepted a job as skills coach with the Scarlets academy and is set to hang up his boots instead of heading to Rodney Parade.

    • Neil S Retire at 28. Seems a shame. Surely he could play for Llanelli RFC.

      • chris kingsbury Perhaps that could still happen

      • robert rees player coach maybe?

        • Sean He is Academy coach, so maybe the role would clash with any potential opportunities to train and play with Llanelli RFC

  • Season 2014 - 2015 Promo II

    Ponty Dog Season 2014 - 2015 Promo II

  • Checking In

    Pontydragon Yep, hate the off season, but, thankfully, the game doesn't really stop. Lots of movement going on.
    Thinking about replacing Dai Flan and Humbers. One helluva task. But, nobody believes in Special K more than me, I know he can handle it!

    Saw we got the Keys in the draw. Watch out for that Baller fella...hahahahaha!

    • Neal Hammond Lewis K is a very welcome returner, not unexpected. I am also hoping to see more of Jarrod Evans next season - an outstanding prospect.

      • Khanman Yes, hopefully Jarrod will get some more game time this season. Outstanding prospect and also a genuine nice lad.

        • saethennin I notice Jarrod's been added to the Blues first team squad on their website. Along with Garyn Smith... there are a great number of youngsters in that squad who will be playing for us or CRFC most of the time. I was surprised to see fly half Gareth Davies still in the Blues squad despite his expected move to London Welsh. With Patchell being fit again, and maybe Anscombe being signed from NZ we could be seeing more of Humberstone in Ponty colours than we previously dared hope.

          • ComeonthePont! We need to know who we have with us asap to plan accordingly
            We could have gaps or a surfeit in some positions.
            Other teams will strengthen and look to knock us off our perch and we must aim to be better than last year

            • H griffiths You are correct, I think Cross Keys and Neath will be very difficult, along with theTurks, and that lot down the road, we don't know what they and the WRUIN, have planned?

      • Graham Hi Bert, yeah top two teams drawn against each other. Typical.

        • robert rees any news from u guys on next seasons fixture list I know the b&i qualifiers and 7's first round matches but don't think I've heard anything on dates of 2014-15 season fixture list release

          • winsky01 The WRU are probably delaying it as they are still finalising which clubs they would like in the division next season Lol!

  • Transfer Update

    Sam Here is a list of the major signings this summer so far-
    Ebbw Vale - In- James Leadbeater, Ethan Davies, Gethin Robinson, Tom James (All Newport), Owen Williams (Pontypridd)
    Newport- In Dai Flanagan (Pontypridd), Nathan Edwards, Jamie Murphy (both bridgend), Sam Feehan (Cardiff)
    Cardiff- In Bruce Douglas (Dragons)
    Pontypridd- In- Alex Jones, Lewis Williams (Bridgend) Joel Raikes (Ynysybwl)
    Neath-In- Luke Ford (Cardiff), Aaron Coundley (Dragons), Lee Beach (Newport)
    Aberavon-In- Luke Ford?????? ,Darren Ryan, Ryan Harford (all Cardiff) Rob Dudley Jones (Swansea) Sam Williams (Ospreys)
    Bridgend -In- Rhydian Gieret (Aberavon)
    No news from Scarlet clubs or Keys and Bedwas.

    • robert rees ebbw--tom morgan (mythyr) and aaron harris (bridgend atheletic)

      • robert rees ebbw vale-in-adam jones from neath

    • H griffiths Neath seem to ha.ve found money again will be a force, with these signing and Rowland back again?

      • Phill The Bull Luke is definitely with us! Long story! Apparently we have signed Calum Thomas as well (ex back rower of yours)... I don't think its a 'money in' situation H, although Hawkes will be finally stepping away from the Rugby side of things (YESSSSSS!!!) in July! We have a new CEO in Will Thomas (ex Ebbw Back Rower and WRU Premiership Guy), plus Rowland as DoR which takes pressure off Pat and Nelly on the purely Rugby side...
        I remember Ajuwa - he briefly played for us, but his attitude wasn't all there at the time, that's why he was let go... would be an asset tho

        We also have a new Kit Supplier on board and things are looking... up (he says hesitantly!)

        • H griffiths I thought last year the problems on the field for Neath, lay with the coaches, the backs were superb, but the tactics very poor, Dale Ford for example a class act in any side, at Sardis last season when they threw the ball around they caused us loads of problems, at the Gnoll the least said the better. In my opinion a very good side next season.

        • Robert Adonis That's a relief to all true Welsh rugby fans. Lets hope that the sight you had staring over the abyss last season remains a fading memory. Good luck for next season - but not TOO MUCH OBVIOUSLY !!! :o)

      • Phill The Bull Luke is definitely with us! Long story! Apparently we have signed Calum Thomas as well (ex back rower of yours)... I don't think its a 'money in' situation H, although Hawkes will be finally stepping away from the Rugby side of things (YESSSSSS!!!) in July! We have a new CEO in Will Thomas (ex Ebbw Back Rower and WRU Premiership Guy), plus Rowland as DoR which takes pressure off Pat and Nelly on the purely Rugby side...
        I remember Ajuwa - he briefly played for us, but his attitude wasn't all there at the time, that's why he was let go... would be an asset tho

        We also have a new Kit Supplier on board and things are looking... up (he says hesitantly!)

        • H griffiths Phill I wish NEATH all the best for the season comming, but there must be an influx of funds from somewhere, the signings will not be cheap and M r Phillips ( who I love on S4C jONATHAN ) will not be on peanuts! I agree with your sentiments about Mr Hawkes, any chance of getting Mr B wILLIAM's photo off the wall at the Gnoll a TRUE LEGEND IN THIS ARTIFICIAL WORLD.

        • saethennin Is the new CEO a paid officer Phill? Some supporters have assumed he's been hired in, and Roger Lewis commended his "signing" by Neath. If he is being paid is that the only / first paid CEO in the Premiership?

    • ComeonthePont! Ajuwa released by London Welsh
      A one man wrecking machine when we played them.
      Could we use him?
      Could we afford him?
      And any news of Sid who was supposed to be signing?

  • Supporters Club AGM

    Alun Jones To be held Tuesday 8th July in the clubhouse at 7.30. All season ticket holders are automatic Supporters Club members. You can ask questions and vote. Alun Jones S C Sec.

  • just back from my holiday in malta

    neil ridley Come on the pont

  • WRU Meeting

    Neil S Interesting that only 705 of clubs showed for the meeting on the structure and only 61% of them voted in favour. So in essence only 42% of clubs have voted the changes in.

    • Neil S 70% that was meant to be

      • iksmudge@yahoo.co.uk That's democracy for you!
        You could do the same analysis on today's government. It shows the importance of making sure you vote.
        I think the Scottish vote will go the same way: the nationalists turning up to vote in large number while the rest of the population either too apathetic or not believing it could ever happen to turn up to vote.

        • ComeonthePont! 70% is a massive turnout compared to Political Elections.
          Very concerning really when you realise the impact Government has on all our lives every day.
          Those that can be arsed wins - happens all the time I am afraid!
          I don't think we can say it is because people don't care that they don't contribute - is it more a case that they have become disillusioned?
          Imo one huge ingredient missing in today's world is a little something called common sense!
          Rant over (for now)

          • iksmudge@yahoo.co.uk COTP, one problem with common sense : it's not common. ;))

            • ComeonthePont! xlnt response and sadly very acccurate I think!

  • Darren Waters

    RhwsPontyFan Just read that Darren has signed for London Welsh. I hope he can stay injury free to show just how good he really is? Good luck Darren! See you in our pre season friendly?

    • dunhukin Ditto that !

      • ComeonthePont! Excellent player who has had so many injuries since leaving us
        Hope he does well
        Can't help thinking that London Welsh could become a '5th region' in terms of picking up top WP talent given Justin being at the helm and the 'Welsh' tag.
        Good luck to Darren - a cracking kamikaze type player

        • Sean Really great player who deserves his crack at the big time after all he has been through. Fingers crossed he stays match fit and gets his chance to make his mark in the Premiership

  • BIC DRAW - WRU response

    Ed Roberts I queried with the WRU why they could not just state Wales 1 are Dragons Region qualifires etc and belw is their response:
    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for your email.

    Last season, at the request of the Premiership Clubs, we undertook a draw for those four slots at the Premiership Clubs meeting in full view of all of the twelve Clubs.

    We are meeting the representatives of the Premiership Clubs this week and will garner their opinions on how they would like to proceed this season. I'm conscious that this may be frustrating for supporters such as yourself but we'd prefer to make these sorts of decisions in consultation with the Clubs that it effects.

    Hopefully you will know shortly the likely group of your team.

    Kind Regards

    Sharon Clinch

    • Stone Not to scaremonger but that [We are meeting the representatives of the Premiership Clubs this week and will garner their opinions on how they would like to proceed this season] doesn't even suggest that its definitely clubs to me. I'd hope all WP club representatives would be on favour of clubs, even if that means ridiculous playoffs and the possibility of lower placed clubs being involved instead of one's higher than themselves. Clearly top 4 would be obvious but that won't suit the 'region' agenda of Welsh rugby.

      • ComeonthePont! Interesting that Clubs would agree to such things.
        From what I know of things (I admit it is not a lot) it makes no sense at all to me

        • winsky01 Perhaps the clubs can bang some heads together, let common sense prevail and get the WRU to reward success not mediocrity for a change and just let the top four qualify.....and I've just woken up from my dreamworld.

          • Neal Hammond What the WRU is very good at is co-ercion and manipulation. What I would like to know is what options are open to the clubs? Can they vote fo the top four clubs to represent them in the Bic? Or is it any one club from each region? In my opinion it should be the four highest finishing clubs in the Premiership from last season. Period.

            • vivrePont Exactly, if you undermine the concept of meritocracy in the league's structure ,then eventually that structure will wither and collapse.

              • Stone Would be nice to see places given on merit. Even top 3 WP guaranteed then places 4-7 in a playoff situation for the remaining spot. Would assist in keeping the WP competitive till the season finish with teams competing to EARN a BIC spot and those teams scrapping it out for survival.

                Could do away with WP playoff finals as well.

                • Neil S Surely the consultation with clubs shoudl happen before teh BIC make their draw to stop Wales looking so shamateurish. They never heard of of operating to timelines? I guess the clubs wanted to see the draw due to lack of trust!

  • BIC pools announced

    ponty girl Pools
    Pool 1: London Scottish, Wales 2, Bristol Rugby, Connacht
    Pool 2: Rotherham Titans, Leeds Carnegie, Ulster Ravens, Wales 4
    Pool 3: Worcester Warriors, Nottingham Rugby, Moseley, Munster 'A'
    Pool 4: Wales 1, Cornish Pirates, Doncaster Knights, Bedford Blues
    Pool 5: Leinster 'A', Plymouth Albion, Wales 3, Jersey RFC

    British & Irish Cup fixtures

    Round 1 – 10/11/12 October

    Pool 1
    Wales 2 v London Scottish
    Bristol Rugby v Connacht

    Pool 2
    Leeds Carnegie v Rotherham Titans
    Wales 4 v Ulster Ravens

    Pool 3
    Nottingham Rugby v Worcester Warriors
    Munster 'A' v Moseley

    Pool 4
    Cornish Pirates v Bedford Blues
    Wales 1 v Doncaster Knights

    Pool 5
    Plymouth Albion v Leinster 'A'
    Jersey RFC v Wales 3

    Round 2 – 17/18/19 October

    Pool 1
    London Scottish v Bristol Rugby
    Connacht v Wales 2

    Pool 2
    Rotherham v Wales 4
    Ulster Ravens v Leeds Carnegie

    Pool 3
    Worcester Warriors v Munster 'A'
    Moseley v Nottingham Rugby

    Pool 4
    Bedford Blues v Wales 1
    Doncaster Knights v Cornish Pirates

    Pool 5
    Leinster 'A' v Jersey RFC
    Wales 3 v Plymouth Albion

    Round 3 – 24/25/26 October

    Pool 1
    Connacht v London Scottish
    Bristol Rugby v Wales 2

    Pool 2
    Rotherham Titans v Ulster Ravens
    Leeds Carnegie v Wales 4

    Pool 3
    Moseley v Worcester Warriors
    Nottingham Rugby v Munster 'A'

    Pool 4
    Doncaster Knights v Bedford Blues
    Cornish Pirates v Wales 1

    Pool 5
    Wales 3 v Leinster 'A'
    Plymouth Albion v Jersey RFC

    Round 4 – 28/29/30 November

    Pool 1
    London Scottish v Connacht
    Bristol Rugby v Wales 2

    Pool 2
    Rotherham Titans v Ulster Ravens
    Wales 4 v Leeds Carnegie

    Pool 3
    Worcester Warriors v Moseley
    Munster 'A' v Nottingham Rugby

    Pool 4
    Bedford Blues v Doncaster Knights
    Wales 1 v Cornish Pirates

    Pool 5
    Leinster 'A' v Wales 3
    Jersey RFC v Plymouth Albion

    Round 5 – 5/6/7 December

    Pool 1
    Wales 2 v Connacht
    Bristol Rugby v London Scottish

    Pool 2
    Leeds Carnegie v Ulster Ravens
    Wales 3 v Rotherham Titans

    Pool 3
    Nottingham Rugby v Moseley
    Munster 'A' v Worcester Warriors

    Pool 4
    Cornish Pirates v Doncaster Knights
    Wales 1 v Bedford Blues

    Pool 5
    Plymouth Albion v Wales 3
    Jersey RFC v Leinster 'A'

    Round 6 - 12/13/14 December

    Pool 1
    London Scottish v Wales 2
    Connacht v Bristol Rugby

    Pool 2
    Rotherham Titans v Leeds Carnegie
    Ulster v Wales 4

    Pool 3
    Worcester Warriors v Nottingham Rugby
    Moseley v Munster 'A'

    Pool 4
    Bedford Blues v Cornish Pirates
    Doncaster Knights v Wales 1

    Pool 5
    Leinster 'A' v Plymouth Albion
    Wales 3 v Jersey RFC

    Quarter-finals: 23/24/25 January
    Semi-finals: 13/14/15 March
    Final: 3/4/5 April

    • Neil S Wales just look like idiots not having teams named in there. Who decided who Wales 1-4 are...the WRU so they can fix things even further?

      • Martyn Lewis2 Mickey Mouse RU........what a shower !!!!!!

      • vivrePont You're dead right Neil, shambolic and amateurish!

        • Neal Hammond Totally agree.

          • H griffiths But you ALL PREFERRED THE STATUS QUO?

            • winsky01 No because if Moffett got the vote he would DEFINITELY have had regional A teams. Is that what you would have preferred?

              • H griffiths My local village team studied Moffet's proposals at length and decided to go against them, however that voted for the EGM, IN THE EGM THEY VOTED FOR A CHANGE AT THE WRUIN, which is what I agree with, my point is there is no point in complaining about the favoured Clubs, AND THE WRUIN, if nobody opposes them. I myself hope MOFFETT disappears for good,he may be for selfish reasons only called for a EGM, but at least he rattled a few cages!

            • ComeonthePont! Could at least say Blues Ospreys Scarlets and Dragons Clubs not just this anonymous Wales 1 to 4 rubbish!
              I wonder if they can explain why they do this kind of stuff!

              • Mogsy Technically, we should be Wales 1. Ooops, there I go, being silly again.

                • Stone Right, this clears up the BIC draw, yeah? Looks like the Welsh teams will be drawn to see which pool they will be in the playoff for.....

                  • Neal Hammond I hope they make the draw as soon as possible, and that all the premiership clubs are privy to it. Personally, I don't mind which Pool we are likely to be drawn in, but I would like to know sooner rather than later, Of course, there's the little matter of beating Cardiff at Sardis Road first. Nothing is straightforward with the WRU.

                    • Neil S So I am correct then the WRU will make the draw. Ponty wont be Wales 1 then!

                      • Martin Williams Put us in any group you want wru, the pont will win it anyway this year.

                        • winsky01 It's pathetic. People are deserting the regional game, with the way the morons at the WRU are going what little is left at the club game will go the same way. What muppet makes these rules? Seriously? Lady sarin I could see why as they came through half way through the season so clubs didn't know but this year they knew the rules. You could have a scenario where last seasons second best side by a country mile Cross Keys could be replaced in the BIC by a team who were in a division below them last season! Embarrassing, pathetic, favouring the favoured, only in Wales = WRU.

                          • winsky01 Lady sarin?? *last season*

                            • Neal Hammond Only in Wales could this happen. They are messing about with our game.

  • World Cup 2015

    Tom Tum Do you want to win tickets to the 2015 Rugby World Cup? Take part in our short Rugby survey to be entered into a prize draw to win...


  • Season Promo 2014 - 2015

    Ponty Dog Season Promo 2014 - 2015

    • ComeonthePont! Who needs a Marketing Department when you have PontyDog!

      • dunhukin Brilliant

  • Singapore club 10s

    Graham I see from the WRU site, sorry don't know how to link, that a Geraint Walsh is playing for London Welsh in the Rugby Club 10s in Singapore this weekend.

  • Re - signed

    Ed Roberts Just to advise that Gary Williams has signed for Ponty. Great news as we will definitely need him with Adam leaving..

    • Martin Williams Great News, great centre i think and a really nice fella.

      • Snoop Woop Woop. Good news.

        • Neal Hammond Yes. Really good!

          • ComeonthePont! Pleased with this - hope he is available for us more this year.

            • lenny Yes good news. Let's hope that Humbers and Geriant will be with us as well??

            • saethennin So pleased about this - he's a great asset to the squad and like COTP says let's hope we see more of him in action this season.

              • lenny Sonny Parker been released by London Welsh??? Would we have him back.........

                • RhwsPontyFan Do you know if Joel Raikes has signed for us? He is outstanding!

                  • Pontyboyo Joel has signed for us.

  • EGM

    H griffiths My fear is Lewis & Pickering will get re-elected and Welsh Rugby will continue on further down the road to Destruction. When are the Clubs going to wake up and smell the coffee?

    • biscuitboy The statement from lewis yesterday was staggering in its arrogance...if the present board is voted out this will not only damage the WRU but Wales...staggering .....no one else could run it could they roger......egos gone wild ...sooner their out the better

      • H griffiths I would like to take my HAT OFF, to the four Clubs who voted to change this rotten regime, ALL OF THE ,REST REMEMBER YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW, R.I.P WELSH RUGBY.

      • Martyn Lewis2 Agree. Like him or loathe him Moffett would have shaken them all up!! I wonder why he has gone??? VERY strange!

        • winsky01 From a very good source I've heard that many of the clubs who backed Moffett have now retracted their backing. Obviously he isn't happy about this and has taken himself off for a little tantrum.

          • dunhukin The cracks will be papered over. They will still exist, and can only get worse.

            • Martyn Lewis2 Titanic management!!! Full speed ahead to oblivion!!! Bye!

            • ComeonthePont! WRU will win over hamdsomely and say how it vindicates them

              • H griffiths Because not ONE CLUB will face up to the WRUIN, UNTIL IT IS TO LATE THEY SHOULD ALL HANG THEIR HEADS IN SHAME.

                • winsky01 Have you read Moffett's manifesto???!!! He would ruin us. From what I've hear, the four regions and all twelve Premiership clubs were against Moffett.

                  • winsky01 *heard*

                    • Daiponty1 The wru aim is to have 5 pro clubs/regions (maybe 4) - one in North Wales and 3 or 4 in south/west wales - these are then fed by academies - so welsh rugby will become an elite minority sport within wales - the small flaw in the plan is that when wales start to lose there will not be a big enough player base to choose from (as we are seeing in South Africa) and that the public will no longer go an fill the Millennium stadium - hence drop in revenue, hence drop in funding to the game i wales - it is such a short sighted strategy that it beggars belief. The EGM today will change nothing - the four regions and the clubs they control(swansea, llanelli, cardiff, keys etc ) will all got e for the union otherwise it would be like turkeys voting for Xmas. Welsh rugby RIP -enjoy the Ponty moments over the next couple of years, whilst the game still has a sort of structure - soon for later more clubs will go to the wall.

                      • H griffiths I agree with your sentiments completely, winsky01 I DO NOT KNOW IF I AM NOT MAKING MY SELF CLEAR, OR YOU JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND, I WOULD NOT ENDORSE MOFFET EVEN IF HE WAS THE ONLY CANDIDATE, BUT CHANGES MUST COME NOT JUST FOR OUR CLUB BUT THE WHOLE OF WALES, people complain about the wruin on this forum, then say better the Devil we know, keep on doing what we are doing and we will keep getting what we are getting, watching the demise of our game, I posted at the start of this season we as PONTY fans should make the most of this season past as we should cherish our memories as they will be brought to an END BY THIS PRESENT REGIME, and the favoured clubs.

                        • pontyboy2 what amazes me about the whole fiasco is how can 40 odd clubs call an EGM because of their dissatisfaction with the way the WRUIN are running/ruining the game in wales and then at the ballot only muster up 4 votes. i believe a load of the club reps are in it for the freebies and nothing else. the future for welsh rugby is bleak in my opinion.its fallen off the radar as far as the youngsters are concerned all i see around us is kids playing soccer now. how things have sadly changed over the last few years. oh how i wish that the PONT could play in a country where ambition and playing success is rewarded. R.I.P. welsh rugby.

                          • ComeonthePont! Heavy WRU lobbying between times methinks.
                            Was bound to happen, and at least there was an EGM, there is to be a ballot on the new league Structure, and I think that Gerald Davies' stabding in Welsh Rugby is an ace up the WRU sleeve.
                            He is respected a great deal more han other Senior WRU Offials.
                            I note that the Regions abstained, and I gather they were on Moffett's side as the oustet.
                            So there we have it.........almost all done and dusted, all dandy, and OK.
                            As Roger says the only constant is change and if they can harness the energy of the 100s who turned at the theatre in Port Talbot on a Sunday morning of Father's Day to debate the issues, we will be cooking on gas (the last bit is my term not his!)

                          • H griffiths 100% correct?

                      • Pontyboyo Looks as though Moffett made it to EGM then.

                        • Showboat13 Apparently the vote was by a show of hands also, with Roger Lewis counting the number (and taking note of which clubs voted against I would imagine). Surely a ballot would have been more appropriate. Apparently it wasn't even the 4 regional teams that voted against either.

                          No complaining from the clubs from now I hope, you've made your choice. Deal with it.

                          • winsky01 I still believe the vast majority of clubs are unhappy with the current regime, problem is Moffett and his manifesto wasn't the answer and is no better than what we have.

  • Scottish teams pull out of BIC

    The Sion king The beginning if the end of the BIC? Please no.

    • Neil S Can't be the British and Irish cup withour Scottish teams can it. Disappointing. I think it is the first creak in this tournament having a future. Wonder what the real reason the Scottish teams have pulled out, my guess is costs.

      • winsky01 SRU said they're pulling out to maintain the dignity if the Scottish Premiership, do me a favour! Their domestic league is even worse than ours!

        • winsky01 *Of*

          • saethennin They've pulled out because their domestic club fixture list can't accommodate 6 BIC fixtures before Christmas. That's the stated reason. Why must we disbelieve them? Let's beat Cardiff in the eliminator and enjoy the competition.

            • Neil S They could accomodate if they really wanted too

              • winsky01 Agree.

                • Nightmare XV Just remember if we don't beat Cardiff we will have a large chunk of Oct, Nov and Dec where we will not be playing meaningful games. Looks like that was a step too far for the Scottish teams and I am surprised that none of the premiership teams have complained as there will be 8 Welsh premiership not playing meaningful rugby during that period.

                  • dunhukin Why not include more Welsh Premiership clubs to make up the shortfall?

  • Gareth Wyatt

    The Pudding Congratulations, Gareth, on a fine professional career. You were always an exciting player to watch and a dedicated and loyal clubman too. Hope you go on to achieve as much success coaching as you did playing.

    • Graham Seconded, lovely guy, great player. It's still mind blowing to me that he only played a few minutes of international rugby.

      • H griffiths A true gentleman ON & OFF the field, all the best for the future, at least we have not lost him. A disgrace did not play more for Wales,

        • winsky01 Ponty legend!! What a talent, class winger but could play successfully anywhere across the backline at the highest level. Robbed of more international caps because of his loyalty to Ponty back in the day.

        • Neal Hammond One of our greats, and still with us.

          • Neil S Class act.

            • Snoop Fantastic servant to Ponty RFC. Its been a total joy to see him at Ponty over the years. Diolch Gareth Wyatt.

              • ComeonthePont! Thanks Gareth.
                Great player and a gentleman to boot with pace, guile, footballing ability and great anticipation.
                I wish you every success now in coaching Pontypridd and however far coaching takes you - you deserve it.
                I am grateful that you decided to return to Ponty to finish your career.
                Diolch yn fawr iawn

                • Ponty fan in Aber Gareth has been a fantastic servant for Pontypridd RFC and will go down as a club legend. Am I right in thinking he is the 3rd highest try scorer in the club's history. A guy of Gareth's quality should have earned more than two caps for Wales. Thanks for the memories Gareth, your try up in Saracens in the Parker Pen quarters will live long in my memory.

                  • Martyn Lewis2 Agreed! Well done Gareth! Top Man!

                  • Neal Hammond Yes, that was certainly one for the good memory bank. Another was the double kick ahead against Wasps at Sardis, even though we eventually lost. Sensational.

                    • Richard Evans Thanks Gaggsy, as if I don't feel old enough already!!! Yet another player I've seen player from youth days to first team and now the end of playing career...
                      But all the best in the new role, and thanks for all the memories of a wonderful career on the pitch (with the exception of the tries scored for Newport against Ponty!!!)

                      • Ponty fan in Aber A friend of mine who is a Newport fan was telling me Gareth is highly regarded at Newport. Shows the quality of the man, being highly respected at the two clubs he played for.

  • Champions Cup draw

    jac morgan Let's hope it goes well for them especially the one true region the Scarlets!!!

    • Stone European Rugby Champions Cup draw:
      Pool One: Saracens, Munster, Clermont Auvergne, Sale Sharks.

      Pool Two: Leinster, Castres, Harlequins, London Wasps.

      Pool Three: Toulon, Leicester Tigers, Ulster, Scarlets.

      Pool Four: Glasgow Warriors, Montpellier, Bath, Toulouse.

      Pool Five: Northampton Saints, Racing Metro, Ospreys, Benetton Treviso.

      European Rugby Challenge Cup draw:
      Pool One: Cardiff Blues, London Irish, Grenoble, Qualifier.

      Pool Two: Exeter Chiefs, Bayonne, Connacht Rugby, La Rochelle.

      Pool Three: Stade Francais Paris, Newport Gwent Dragons, Newcastle Falcons, Qualifier.

      Pool Four: Edinburgh, Begles Bordeaux, London Welsh, Lyon.

      Pool Five: Gloucester, Brive, Zebre, Oyonnax.

      • robert rees any room for ponty in that draw? XD

    • Richard Evans Hmmm....Leicester, Ulster and Toulon....

      • winsky01 More chance of Lord Lucan making an appearance than the Scaaaaless getting out of that group.

        • vivrePont Stick him on the wing Winsk!

        • Neil S Aw bless I feel for them

          • biscuitboy Just goes to show the value of meritocracy welsh win their league their league they get rewarded by entering utheir upper flight and challenge cup we win our league cup twice beat london welsh and our reward is to play a no doubt strengthened cardiff rfc team for the privelage to represent cardiff blues....sucks....bring on the egm

  • Moffat gone back to NZ ???????

    Martyn Lewis2 See BBC rugby website??

    • H griffiths I sincerely hope it is true, and I hope he takes LEWIS & PICKERING, with him, my point being we need to get rid of the three of them, the one who started the demise of our game, and the TWO who continued the whole ROTTEN, STINKING SYSTEM TO THE BENEFIT OF THEMSELVES, AND THE FAVOURED FEW. I would also add L&P did this without any opposition.

    • Martyn Lewis2 Or Moffett ????

      • ComeonthePont! Pantomime confirmed!

  • The Rugby Paper

    dunhukin Article re Moffat claiming that the WRU has withheld some 16.5 million from the clubs and used it to pay of debt ahead of scheduled repaymrnt plan. This at time when many clubs at all levels and for varied reasons, are struggling financially. Sounds like cutting out everything from your food budget, living on bread and water; minimum heating and walk everywhere; just to pay off your mortgage early.
    Where's the sense in that? Would you not pay your mortgage off only when you have increased your income, or had a windfall like winning the lottery.
    WRU don't seem to have increased the income through good management. Neither have they had a significant windfall gain. Chief Exec, has however been lauded for paying extra off the mortgage, and had a bonus for doing so. It's not as if he's done anything wonderful. He's just taken money which shouid have been invested in Welsh rugby, and used it to pay the mortgage.
    Me , I wouldn't fancy just bread and water to live on. I might over time be a starvation diet. I might die, or become weak and disabled. Would I then rejoice at paying my mortgage early/ What a nice house; but with no-one to live in it!
    This is the English edition of the RPaper I'm quoting from.
    Also contains a wonderfull action shot of the scrum doctor dealing with South Africans.

    • ComeonthePont! Moffett is sure stirring things up big time.
      Expect a vigorous reply from the motormouths on the other side!
      Great theatre! (or maybe pantomime!)

      • ComeonthePont! I have heard on the grapevine that a delayed repayment of the MS debt would incur a £10 million penalty clause.

  • the beard

    ponty girl I've got the beard that was shaved off today
    We are putting it up for auction
    Ive got a opening bid of £ 50
    Any advances?

  • the beard

    ponty girl I've got the beard that was shaved off today
    We are putting it up for auction
    Ive got a opening bid of £ 50
    Any advances?

  • the beard

    ponty girl I've got the beard that was shaved off today
    We are putting it up for auction
    Ive got a opening bid of £ 50
    Any advances?


    Ed Roberts Rumour has it that Gary Williams has not yet resigned for Ponty. With Adam leaving we will definitely need Gary as cover. I know we have Garyn but he is still a tad inexperienced. Here's hoping the club can persuade Gary to sign because the rest of the squad looks great and hopefully we can all look forward to another successful season.

    • robert rees ebbw vale made 6 signings just to update u.

    • Neil S Yes, with Gary being a Centre/Full Back same as Adam would make sense to keep him as he will in theroy get more opportunities now.

      • Pontyboyo I agree keeping Gary is a must as he is an excellent player. However Gary was unavailable during periods of last season dude to his work commitments. Maybe he is waiting to see if he will be available before committing to a new contract?

        Let's hope he is available and decides to stay on.

        • Sean I agree we need Gary, he was impressive every time he played last season, but sadly his work commitments limited availability

  • Premiership Side Coming to Sardis

    Hoppy Well done London Welsh. Poor Mr Hollie crap at the Ospreys crapper at Bristol.
    The Welsh HELD THE LINE

    • Robert Adonis Well done indeed!!! Haven't got Sky but heard it was an enthralling contest. Roll on August :o)

    • vivrePont Talks a good game though LOL

      • ComeonthePont! Absolutely brilliant result.
        Well done to Justin and the Exiles
        Triumph of heart over cash.
        Again shows what a great team we have ourselves, could be playing in the English Championship.

        • vivrePont Amen to that!

        • Neil S Shows where Pontypridd could get to if they joined that structure. Really gutted for Sean Holley.....not!

          • Robert Adonis Poor Sean. He he. The ill informed disrespect he showed the Principality Prem' earlier in the season on Scrum V (based on one result) may now come back to haunt him next season :o)

          • Neal Hammond Really looking forward to pre-season now. Good for London Welsh!

            • Ponty fan in Aber Congratulations to London Welsh on getting back to the Aviva Premiership. I don't buy into this that they won with heart over cash. They received a parachute payment for coming down last year and people like Tom May would be on a fair amount of money. Also if you look at the Bristol squad this year there is no one of note in there. Yes they have spent cash but that is for next season where they gambled on being in the Premiership. Be nice to welcome a top flight club to Sardis for pre season. I for one hope Welsh can stay up.

              • dunhukin Glad for the London Welsh. They got promoted. We beat them. We won our play off. We stay in the Premiership. Where's the justice in that?

                • pontyboy2 simple reason dunhukin as all fair minded people know, that there is no meritocracy in welsh rugby. london Welsh were congratulated on the Welsh news last night but there was no mention that Ponty had beaten them in the BIC last season. and that we had beaten a lot of pro English teams either.

                  • Neil S Because Welsh Rugby is rotten

                    • pontyboy2 Hear Hear.

                    • Neal Hammond I don't believe in a regional system.But even if I did, we don't have a genuine regional system. How many times do we need to draw attention to this fact? Therein lies the reason of why the system is rotten, and why Ponty is continually short-changed. That is my opinion, anyway.

                      • H griffiths Because we have a ROTTEN STINKING CORRUPT SYSTEM, HEADED BY Mr LEWIS and Mr Pickering, who takes great pleasure, in telling everyone his best mate is the PIEMAN

                        • Sean What a stupid move for Matthew Morgan now, breaks into the Welsh squad but will be playing 2nd tier English rugby

                          • ComeonthePont! Peter Thomas wants to rescue him for the Blues.
                            Could have done it sooner if he really wanted to?
                            But if Blues had Patchell and Matthew Morgan where would that leave Humbers?

                            • winsky01 Yep heard this yesterday. Only because he's been called up by Wales are they interested. Like myself and a lot of others say, it's all very well slapping players on the back and wishing them well when they 'step up' to the Blues but will it really and honestly progress their career? Humberstone could end up being 3rd choice 10, Dico will be 4th choice 2nd row. For what it's worth this us just my opinion and I honestly dint mean to be harsh or cause arguments but I'm had Adam has gone to the Blues if it means we keep Walsh. If Adam has gone there as a fullback who makes these decisions at the regions? On that plastic pitch Walsh could be a star!!

                              • winsky01 Shocking predictive txt sorry, should say is, don't and glad Lol!

  • Adam Thomas signs for the Blues

    Pontyboyo Cardiff Blues have signed Wales Sevens captain Adam Thomas from Pontypridd.
    The 27-year-old utility back, who can play centre or full-back, has signed a long-term deal at the region.

    Good luck Adam!

    • lenny I love this comment from the Welsh 7's coach Wales Sevens Head Coach, Gareth Williams, paid tribute to the impact of Thomas during his time in the set-up and added: "Adam's deal with the Blues highlights the relationship between the Sevens unit and the region". Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm What about his club Ponty!!!!!

    • Neil S Overdue in my opinion. I hope he goes on to fulfill his potential.

      • Snoop Fair play he's been a fantastic player for us and the Wales 7s. Pob lwc Adam Thomas. Diolch

        • lenny Like many before him, let's hope he gets game time down the road . And even more important we keep hold of Geriant Walsh.

          • Richard Evans The very best of luck to "Timmy"...and thanks for all your efforts at Ponty. Totally deserves his chance at the higher level.

            • Neal Hammond I agree with all the above comments. But I am very sorry to see him go.

              • ComeonthePont! Same her - inevitable I think and also overdue.
                He didn't play much for us last Season though so it may not be such a blow, but I think we need to recruit in the centre.
                Good luck Timmy, always been great watching you play for the mighty Pont!

                • Mogsy Not as much of a loss as some are making out, he's away with the 7's for most of the year and when he is available, he's injured.
                  I honestly can't see where he will fit in down there to be honest. Personally I think he would be better off going to the Dragons, at least he might get some game time with them.

                  • pontyboy2 my view is if the boys are going anywhere, please dont go to the blouses, there are better environments to play rugby and be appreciated, and kairdiff is not one of them.

                    • Pontydragon The old double edged sword, again. All the best to Timmy! Way I see it...they won't give us a team, so we'll take one over. I can see the name change in a few years.

                      • H griffiths Be careful, Pd you will be castigated, the status-.quo must be kept going The Club in my opinion will gradually be weakend, over time, by the current system, that is implemented by the W.R.U.IN. as I have posted many times, the favoured Clubs, HAVE TIME ON THEIR SIDE. Good luck to Adam, but if Walsh stays,he will not be missed greatly due to his 7's absence Agree with the sentiments could have gone to abetter environment.

                        • Robert Adonis Just a tad too much negativity there - me thinks? The club has had its two best seasons ever (results wise - back to back) and I fully agree with some of the comments below (Neil, Hoppy, etc..). The system seemed to work much better this season and the meeting between the Blews CEO and ours following the disgraceful way in which the Dico departure was announced seems to have had some benefit for us with Dico & Humbs returning to great effect at the end of the season. My main worry is the uncertainty surrounding the BIC going forward, both in the longevity of the competition itself (we haven't heard what impact this 3rd tier Euro comp' will have on it yet?) and the method of qualification, teams put forward, etc. Some commitment going forward here would certainly help our medium term planning as a club !!

                          • saethennin The 3rd tier Euro competition won't impact on the club scene - it's for FIRA countries and their development. But otherwise I agree with your post.

                          • Mogsy I don't know what everyone is worried about anyway. Adam will soon be back playing on Sardis when we play Cardiff in the BIC qualifier.

                        • Neil S The way the system is it is correct that Adam Thomas progresses to the Blues. Trouble is guys we whinge when players dont get opportunity then we whinge when players do. The environment at the Blues should be changing under new management and it is evident to me they are trying to change some values there. Having said that it is still Cardiff and that wont change until they change themselves. My fear for Ponty is that now Adam has moved up he will relinquish his 7s spot which I think could well be taken by Geriant Walsh.

                          • Neal Hammond Good thinking. Let's hope Smith and the other young players maintain their rate of progress.

                            • Blotto Best wishes tiny. Long overdue. Happy for players to progress and if the blues are not using them loan them back ala dico and humbers

                              • Hoppy Got to agree there Blotto. Well Done Adam. All your hard work over the years paying off. I just hope the flow 'up' stream also includes them coming back when not required/used by them down there. I thought the use of Dico and Humbers at the end of last season was right. More right than having Ellis Jenkins and Macauley Cook added to the squad for one BIC game. This ebb 'n' flow of players should be extended and affiliated players MUST attend weekly training sessions for the clubs, not just turn up on Saturday afternoon and play the game.
                                Now where was I...... Ah yes well done Adam
                                HOLD THE LINE

                                • ComeonthePont! Agree Hoppy
                                  The ebb and flow as shown by Dico and Humbers has been a success in the last few months and if that continues that is fine.
                                  Just look what happened with people like Waters, Cory Hill, Downesy and Darren Harris just to name a few who went to other Regions in the last couple of years.
                                  Lost to Ponty totally.

                                • Ponty fan in Aber All the best to Adam. Has been a great servant for Ponty over the last 7 years. Just hope as said above we can keep Geraint Walsh. My only worry as Neil S said is that he now will replace Adam in the Wales 7's set up

                                  • Sean Good luck Adam, you were a great asset to the club and i hope you get loaned back to us when not needed by the Blues

  • fixtures 2014/15

    robert rees when is the usual dates of next years fixtures announced?

    • celticponty It's usually around the end of July I think but could be any time between now and September knowing the WRU lol

      • robert rees probably still wondering how they can wrangle Swansea staying up.

        • Pontydragon I need the 2015-2016 schedule ;-)

          • robert rees same.its annoying when their late

  • Probables v Possibles

    Daiponty1 so the result of this game surely is the clearest indicator for the WRU with regard to the lack of strength in depth of welsh rugby - effectively the first team put 50 points on the second team - and its not as if the first's are world beaters!

  • EGM

    H griffiths I like many others im sure would like to know the Clubs stance, will they back Lewis and PICKERING? will they vote for change, Surely this is one of those rare chances to get rid of those two for the benefit of the whole of Welsh Rugby, I am not a MOFFO fan

    • Daiponty1 Whilst not a fan of RL or DP - indeed they are ineffective and lack real leadership or a strategic direction for welsh rugby, and have presided over its demise - BUT we cannot vote for Moffet, he is an advocate of REGIONAL rugby - this is his only way and if he is successful, Regions will become stronger and club identity will be lost at a rate quicker than it is at the moment - so I suppose its a choice between welsh rugby dying over the next 3 years under RL/DP or a quicker death under Moffet

      • H griffiths I do not know if I am speaking a foreign language but I never have or ever would endorse Moffet, in any shape or form unless he was getting on a plane to go back to where he came from, and I would kick start the plane. But this attitude towards Lewis and Pickering, I find beyond belief, I would get rid of the THREE of them, but I am an advocate of fairness for ALL

    • winsky01 I'm torn. I don't like Lewis and Pickering but don't want to see Moffett get power either despite a few of his policies being quite good. If Moffett gets power the Premiership and rugby at our level will go even further down the pan. We all know things need changing but if I was asked now on the spot who to back, unfortunately I would probably go for Lewis.

      • H griffiths I am sorry but I cannot agree with your sentiments, I dislike the THREE afore mentioned individuals, but Lewis and PICKERING are just fat cats, ruining Rugby at ALL levels. I am not stupid that Gravy Train must be lucrative for the likes of Moffo to want to get back on.What are Lewis and CO, doing for the ordinary Clubs, and fans, during his tenure, and Pickerings, how many people have left, the W.R.U. WITHOUT THE FANS KNOWING WHAT,S GONE ON, BECAUSE OF CONFIDENTION CLAUSES EFFECTING THE PAYOFF'S. Iam obviously interested at what happens at Ponty's level, but what happens to the game as a whole?

        • winsky01 Whatever Moffett says, he's just a politician. How trustworthy are they?! Even if Moffett gets power the status quo at the top with the favoured four teams will NOT change whatever he promises, they've got too much power over the domestic game in Wales. If Moffett does get power the only thing that will change is the Premiership, it will become more pointless and irrelevant. Moffett has said it will become a development league. Moffett is one of the major factors Welsh domestic rugby is in it's current state, why should we back him again?! After the demise of the Warriors out club was on the verge of going into oblivion! It took years of hard work from many dedicated people to get it back to where we are currently on and off the field! Moffett nearly killed us. Why should we trust him? Why should we put faith in him? Have you read his comments about us on twitter? He hates us HG!! Simple as that. He's already kicked us down, perhaps he'll finish the job this time.

          • winsky01 *our* club

            • H griffiths I have no doubt what so ever that Moffo hates us, but what have Lewis and PICKERING done for us and the rest of Welsh Rugby apart from the favoured few. People cannot complain about the favoured Clubs when they have completely the backing of Lewis and Co, THERE IS NO WAY THAT I WOULD LIKE MOFFO AS A PART OF THE WRUIN because as you have stated like you, I believe he was and would be again part of the problem, but things must change, how many fans do we see on away games? The game is dying on its feet under the stewardship of this current regime.

              • winsky01 Agree the game is dieing on its feet and yes when we go around the away grounds yes most of them has one man and his dog watching but that will not get any better if Moffett gets in, he wants to make the WPL a development league so how will that help? I agree things need changing but we need to look after ourselves, if Moffett gets power someone give me the hammer and I'll knock the final nail in our coffin.

              • Sam We have to stay on the union's side. They have given us a small increase in funding for next season, and it sounds as if we can stay in the British Cup which is great. Moffet wants the big salary and to make his 5th region in North Wales. He really wants more control for the regions over community clubs. None of his manifesto can be trusted though, history shows he makes quick, rash decisions as he sees fit.

                • RhwsPontyFan I have to agree with winsky on this one, I don't trust Moffet one iota. L & P are the lesser of two evils, and we stuck with them at the moment I'm afraid.

                  • Neil S Moffets manifesto is a political document rather than a way forward, it means nothing. I see no change under Moffet except he wants to jump in bed further with his baby the regions. That for me is bad for Pontypridd and rugby as a whole in Wales.

                    • H griffiths I hope in the future we see no more posts about the four Clubs, the B---,Scarlets,Dragons and the O'S because it is plain the people posting on here, agree with the status quo, I have stated MANY TIMES that I have no time for Moffo, FABULOUS NEWS WE HAVE A SMALL INCREASE IN FUNDING! strane an E.G.M. IS IN ABOUT TO HAPPEN,OH BY THE WAY, WE HAVE TO QUALIFY, FOR THE B&I CUP, YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHO WE HAVE TO PLAY, WE SHOULD BE SO GRATEFULL. To be honest it makes one want to pull the plug on the whole rotten stinking system.

                      • winsky01 If Moffett gets in there will be no BIC end of!! You think there's no interest in Welsh domestic rugby outside the top 4? If Moffett gets in that will only get worse!

                        • Neil S Uh no H g, I despise the status quo; however, Moffetts tripe is even worse as far as I can tell.

                    • H griffiths I hope in the future we see no more posts about the four Clubs, the B---,Scarlets,Dragons and the O'S because it is plain the people posting on here, agree with the status quo, I have stated MANY TIMES that I have no time for Moffo, FABULOUS NEWS WE HAVE A SMALL INCREASE IN FUNDING! strane an E.G.M. IS IN ABOUT TO HAPPEN,OH BY THE WAY, WE HAVE TO QUALIFY, FOR THE B&I CUP, YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHO WE HAVE TO PLAY, WE SHOULD BE SO GRATEFULL. To be honest it makes one want to pull the plug on the whole rotten stinking system.

                      • Neal Hammond H, if you are implying that Ponty is complicit in the 'whole rotten stinking system' I think that you are going way over the top.

                        • winsky01 The Welsh rugby situation is much like British politics. We all know our current government are sub-standard and the opposition aren't much better but just because they couldn't organise a bun fight in a Mr. Kipling factory, like Moffett it doesn't mean Nigel Farrage and UKIP are the answer either.

                        • ComeonthePont! IMO The system is indeed poor and I don't pretend to have the answers.
                          I don't believe Messrs Lewis, Pickering and Moffett have either, albeit they will think they have.
                          Professional Rugby is based on finance, and other Countries have more than we do.
                          We have Paul Thorburn bemoaning the success of Toulon in Europe because of their multi- national team of superstars, but that is professional sport.
                          Just look at Football, and Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool etc., all with multi-national teams.
                          If you look at the squads for the FIFA World Cup this month, the leading teams are drawn from players who play all over the World.
                          I too bemoan the Toulon situation, but Gatland's Law regarding players having to play in Wales to play for Wales will not work for us.
                          If England chose to pick Sheridan and the Armitage brothers from France they would be serious World Cup contenders.
                          I don't like the system either, but as I say I don't have the answers.
                          What I do have is a tremendous team to support week in week out playing great Rugby with huge atmospheres and a relationship between fans and players second to none.
                          And that is to be found on my own doorstep at Sardis Road...Bliss!
                          So as long as I have that I will let the Professional Actors running the game to sort out the rest.

                          • Neal Hammond I'm with you COTP

                            • Neal Hammond But I'm afraid those running our game may make things worse before they get better. We'd better keep on their backs.

                              • Neil S We are not on their backs, we are submissive to their whims.

  • David Davies ...

    Major Cobbon Sad news , Top man.

    • chris kingsbury RIP David

      • pontyboy2 first met dai when i was playing for ponty youth many years ago. typical of the administrators of our club a humble man yet very proud of the pont. R.I.P. Dai bach.

  • Premiership Dream Team

    Robert Adonis Only 3 Ponty players in the Prem-D-T then. Most odd ??!!!

    • robert rees lol hows that possible

      • The Pudding Dan Godfrey and James Howe can count themselves very unlucky.

        • H griffiths Agree both of them very unlucky, Powell not in the same class as Dan, and I am not being a one eyed DINOSAUR

          • H griffiths Forgot to add how on earth did all of those Carmarthen players get picked, it is a FARCE, Saw them home and away, average side in my view, I thought Keys had a good number 6

        • winsky01 Agree with all but for me Adam Powell being in there ahead of Dan Godfrey is a farce. Godfrey was virtually ever present for us this season and his form never never dipped below brilliant.

          • winsky01 When I say 'agree with all' I meant agree with all the above posts and not the 'dream team' Lol!

            • Robert Adonis Glad to hear that :o)

              • Neil S In a hypothetical game Pontypridd would beat that dream team imo.

                • ComeonthePont! logically we would have 12 players from others Clubs in our team.
                  I wouldn't.
                  Players from Ponty who I think must have come pretty close:
                  Lewis Williams, James Howe, Smurf and Godfrey who had an excellent Season.
                  there we are we did well as a Club 'Fair Play' and another incentive to improve next year!
                  Congrats to Walshy and Johnsy though - well deserved

                  • ComeonthePont! And of course Tubbs and Humbers

                    • robert rees how did Swansea fare:)

                      • H griffiths When we played them, they had an excellent hooker

                      • H griffiths When we played them, they had an excellent hooker

                        • Blotto I ve always found the hookers in swansea to be good ;-)

                        • ComeonthePont! works out as 3 Blues, 2 Dragons, 3 Ospreys (2 from Swansea who won't be in the WP next year) and 7 from Scarlets, with only one from the Llanelli club.
                          Still sees 10 from our two western Regions, so the east better catch up!
                          P.S. congrats to London Welsh last night, a useful lead to take to Bristol for the return leg.

                          • Robert Adonis Roll on Saturday 23rd August. Should be a great occasion and a bumper crowd too :o)

                          • Neil S What a thoroughly depressing angle on it COTP ;-)

                            • ComeonthePont! Its just the angle based on facts but to cheer you up there are just 3 players from the 'big four (albeit the West again!)

                              • Neil S Wasnt arguing the facts just the regional angle to a WP dream team...but the "west is best" killer stat did cheer me up. :-)

                                • Sean Got to agree, Dan Godfrey is streets ahead of Powell, that selection was just to get a token representative for Cross Keys for making two finals. Lewis and James Howe must have been very unlucky, I know the two Swansea props were impressive in the Welsh u20 set up, but they didn't really do much in the Premiership

  • WRU to Restructure League

    Pat Vellian Welsh Rugby Union explains plan to restructure Welsh League


    • dunhukin No mileage then for us to support our valley's clubs ?
      Should we not support what we must view as our feeder clubs ?
      In ignoring their difficulties, could we not be accused of exactly the position the Regions have taken.?
      Any mileage in fostering closer links with our valley's clubs ?
      Coaching day's, etc ;

    • Pat Vellian Would be nice if the club could publish this letter on the website.

      • H griffiths My fear is that NONE of the CLUBS will ask any probing questions, and the rotten stinking system overseen by Lewis & Pickering, will prevail and the status quo will be maintained.

      • winsky01 Surely this restructure will not affect the Premiership? To put things into to context the furthest fixture is probably Newport v Quins/Llandovery which is just under 2 hours. No problem for me.

        • saethennin The Premiership (12 clubs) and Championship (14 clubs) are completely unaffected by these changes. It's from Division 1 and lower that the new structure kicks in.

          • robert rees ok thx.

            • Stone Be interesting if they take the opportunity to expanded the Swalec Cup to include Division 1 teams, maybe a couple of rounds by themselves then and the Premiership and Championship in at a latet round (eg round 3 or however it would neatly work out). I just feel the Swalec Cup needs to be expanded from current set up, though I can see that adding even more fixtures to those treble chasing teams ;) Then division 2 teams in the plate and division 3 in the bowl.

              • robert rees yes like th4 FA cup in football put in few lower league teams in the earlier teams if they wanted to come in they perhaps could.

                • The_Sion_King I agree. As I stands win 3 games and you are in the final. That cannot be right. Why not revert back to an open draw - but all Premiership clubs having to play away from home in the first round. I think it got pulled to due noncompetitive games, but it has to be more appetizing than playing the same old same old every year.

                  • winsky01 I'm not in favour of 'fixing' draws etc. Yes you will get the odd hammering but I would suggest without having all the figures in front of me that there have been more cases if lower league upsets than one sided hammerings in the last few years. That's the nature of cup competitions, same as in any sport. I'm sure lower league players would relish the chance of playing at Sardis Road, Cardiff Arms Park, Rodney Parade etc. despite the risk of getting hammered but having 'home' draws would take that away. Just my opinion.

                    • Pontyboyo The only advantage of a lower league team playing Ponty at home is the pay day they'll get from numbers of tickets sold and bar takings.

                  • Stone What non competitive like St Peters winning against Cardiff at the Arms Park :) True there have been some hammering but if the Div 1 teams play each other over a couple of rounds then the better teams are through to play the Premiership and Championship teams. Definitely doesn't feel right at present that there are so few rounds (not taking anything away from anyone's achievements in getting to the later rounds).

                    • Major Cobbon Good clip Stone.

                      • ComeonthePont! Just watched it.
                        Seems so long ago.
                        Conditions terrible, skill and fitness levels questionable.
                        Guts of St Peters beyond question.
                        A decent crowd too.
                        I don't think these giant killings would be so likely now, and CAP is of course plastic and if Cardiff played St Peters now there would be far fewer spectators.
                        They were great days though, and I agree that the Cup needs expansion to give Div1 clubs a real chance.

                    • Stone :D

            • saethennin Sorry about eating up all the forum space - but in case you're interested (this is courtesy of a poster on Gwlad)

              Premier Division - 12 Clubs

              1. Pontypridd RFC
              2. Carmarthen Quins RFC
              3. Cross Keys RFC
              4. Llandovery RFC
              5. Llanelli RFC
              6. Cardiff RFC
              7. Bedwas RFC
              8. Newport RFC
              9. Bridgend RFC
              10. Neath RFC
              11. Aberavon RFC
              12. Ebbw Vale RFC

              Championship - 14 Clubs

              1. Swansea RFC
              2. RGC 1404
              3. Cardiff Met University RFC
              4. Pontypool RFC
              5. Narberth RFC
              6. Bargoed RFC
              7. Tata Steel RFC
              8. Tondu RFC
              9. Bridgend Athletic RFC
              10. Llanharan RFC
              11. Blackwood RFC
              12. Newbridge RFC
              13. Glynneath RFC
              14. Merthyr RFC

              Division 1 East - 12 Clubs

              1. Llanishen RFC
              2. Cardiff Quins RFC
              3. Rhiwbina RFC
              4. Rumney RFC
              5. Nelson RFC
              6. Penallta RFC
              7. Glamorgan Wanderers RFC
              8. Senghenydd RFC
              9. Fleur de Lys RFC
              10. Garndiffaith RFC
              11. Blaenavon RFC
              12. Risca RFC

              Division 1 East Central - 12 Clubs

              1. Beddau RFC
              2. Ystrad Rhondda RFC
              3. Heal y Cyw RFC
              4. Llantwit Fardre RFC
              5. Treorchy RFC
              6. Ynysybwl RFC
              7. Rhydyfelin RFC
              8. Gilfach Gach RFC
              9. Dowlais RFC
              10. Mountain Ash RFC
              11. Llantrisant RFC
              12. Bedlinog RFC

              Division 1 West Central - 12 Clubs

              1. Dunvant RFC
              2. Trebanos RFC
              3. Mumbles RFC
              4. Waunarlwydd RFC
              5. Ystalyfera RFC
              6. Seven Sisters RFC
              7. Cwmllynfell RFC
              8. Bonymaen RFC
              9. Skewen RFC
              10. Builth Wells RFC
              11. Kenfig Hill RFC
              12. Maesteg Harlequins RFC

              Division 1 West - 12 Clubs

              1. Whitland RFC

              2. Llangennech RFC
              3. Carmarthen Athletic RFC
              4. Crymych RFC
              5. Gorseinon RFC
              6. Kidwelly RFC
              7. Newcastle Emlyn RFC
              8. Felinfoel RFC
              9. Ammanford RFC
              10. Amman United RFC
              11. Loughor RFC
              12. Tenby United RFC

              Division 2 East - 12 Clubs

              1. Abertysswg RFC
              2. Pontypool United RFC
              3. Newport HSOB RFC
              4. Croesyceiliog RFC
              5. Pill Harriers RFC
              6. Caerphilly RFC
              7. Talywain RFC
              8. Abergavenny RFC
              9. Brynmawr RFC
              10. Abertillery RFC/Blaenau Gwent RFC
              11. Tredegar RFC
              12. Nantyglo RFC

              Division 2 East Central - 12 Clubs

              1. CR Caerdydd
              2. Abercynon RFC
              3. Pontyclun RFC
              4. Penarth RFC
              5. St Peters RFC
              6. Porth Harlequins RFC
              7. Pentyrch RFC
              8. Brecon RFC
              9. Gwernyfed RFC
              10. Fairwater RFC
              11. Wattstown RFC
              12. St Josephs RFC

              Division 2 West Central - 12 Clubs

              1. Pencoed RFC
              2. Maesteg RFC
              3. Maesteg Celtic RFC
              4. Brynamman RFC
              5. Glyncorrwg RFC
              6. Pontycymmer RFC
              7. Taibach RFC
              8. Resolven RFC
              9. Neath Athletic RFC
              10. Aberavon Quins RFC
              11. Cwmgors RFC
              12. Aberavon Green Stars RFC

              Division 2 West - 12 Clubs

              1. Penlan RFC
              2. Penclawdd RFC
              3. Pontarddulais RFC
              4. Tycroes RFC
              5. Cardigan RFC
              6. Llanelli Wanderers RFC
              7. Llanybydder RFC
              8. Llandeilo RFC
              9. Haverfordwest RFC
              10. Aberystwyth RFC
              11. Gowerton RFC
              12. Hendy RFC

              Division 3 East A

              1. Ynysddu RFC
              2. Cwmbran RFC
              3. Oakdale RFC
              4. Monmouth RFC
              5. New Tredegar RFC
              6. Rhymney RFC
              7. RTB Ebbw Vale RFC
              8. Llanhilleth RFC
              9. Caldicot RFC
              10.Chepstow RFC
              11.Caerleon RFC
              12. Blackwood Stars RFC

              Division 3 East B

              1. Abercarn RFC
              2. Hafodyrynys RFC
              3. Crumlin RFC
              4. Brynithel RFC
              5. Blaina RFC
              6. Beaufort RFC
              7. Usk RFC
              8. Trefil RFC
              9. Tredegar Ironsides RFC
              10.Machen RFC
              11.Rogerstone RFC
              12.Bettws (Newport) RFC

              Division 3 East C

              1. Pontllanfraith RFC
              2. Crickhowell RFC
              3. Trinant RFC
              4. Hollybush RFC
              5. New Panteg RFC
              6. Aberbeeg RFC
              7. Cefn Fforest RFC
              8. Aberbargoed RFC
              9. Markham RFC
              10.Hartridge RFC
              11.Whiteheads RFC
              12.Deri RFC

              Division 3 East D

              1. Girling RFC
              2. Forgeside RFC
              3. Abersychan RFC
              4. St Julians RFC
              5. Malpas RFC
              6. Cwmcarn United RFC
              7. Old Tylerians RFC
              8. Rhayader RFC
              9. West Mon RFC
              10.Newbridge United RFC
              11.Tref y Clawdd RFC
              12.Newport Saracens RFC

              3 East Central A

              1. Old llltydians RFC
              2. Barry RFC
              3. Dinas Powys RFC
              4. Llandaff RFC
              5. Llandaff North RFC
              6. Llantwit Major RFC
              7. Cowbridge RFC
              8. St Albans RFC
              9. Canton RFC
              10.Caerau Ely RFC
              11.0ld Penarthians RFC
              12.Taffs Well RFC

              3 East Central B

              1. Cilfynydd RFC
              2. Tylorstown RFC
              3. Aberdare RFC
              4. Abercwmboi RFC
              5. Treherbert RFC
              6. Tonyrefail RFC
              7. Treha rris RFC
              8. Cambrian Welfare RFC
              9. Penygraig RFC
              10.Cefn Coed RFC
              11.Glyncoch RFC
              12.Hirwaun RFC

              3 East CentraI C

              1. Ynysowen RFC
              2. Tongwynlais RFC
              3. Whitchurch RFC
              4. Cathays RFC
              5. Cardiff Saracens RFC
              6. Llanrumney RFC
              7. Wick RFC
              8. Sea View RFC
              9. Sully Sports RFC
              10.Ferndale RFC
              12.Llandrindod Wells RFC

              3 West Central A

              1. Nantyffyllon RFC
              2. Bridgend Sports RFC
              3. Pyle RFC
              4. Cefn Cribbwr RFC
              5. Ogmore Vale RFC
              6. Porthcawl RFC
              7. Nantymoel RFC
              8. Bryncethin RFC
              9. Blaengarw RFC
              10. Pontrhydyfen RFC
              11.Tonmawr RFC

              3 West Central B

              1. Briton Ferry RFC
              2. Tonna RFC
              3. Baglan RFC
              4. Rhigos RFC
              5. Cwmgwrach RFC
              6. Crynant RFC
              7. Bryncoch RFC
              8. Cwmavon RFC
              9. Glais RFC
              10.Birchgrove RFC

              3 West Central C
              1. Vardre RFC
              2. Abercrave RFC
              3. Pontardawe RFC
              4. Alltwen RFC
              5. Banwen RFC
              6. South Gower RFC
              7. Fall Bay RFC
              8. Ystradgynlais RFC
              9. Swansea Uplands RFC
              10.Cwmtwrch RFC
              11.Morriston RFC

              3 West A

              1. Lampeter RFC
              2. Trimsaran RFC
              3. Pontyberem RFC
              4. Tumble RFC
              5. Penybanc RFC
              6. Nantgaredig RFC
              7. Burry Port RFC
              8. New Dock Stars RFC
              9. Bynea RFC
              10. Llandybie RFC
              11.Cefneithin RFC

              3 West B

              1. Fishguard RFC
              2. Milford Haven RFC
              3. Pembroke RFC
              4. Pembroke Dock Quins RFC
              5. Neyland RFC
              6. Aberaeron RFC
              7. St Clears RFC
              8. Llangwm RFC
              9. St Davids RFC
              10.Laugharne RFC

              3 West C

              1. Penygroes RFC
              2. Furnace United RFC
              3. Tregaron RFC
              4. Pontyates RFC
              5. Mynydd y Garreg RFC
              6. Pantyffynon RFC
              7. Blaenau RFC
              8. Llansawel RFC
              9. Llangadog RFC
              10. Betws RFC

              North Wales

              1 North - 12 Clubs

              1. Bala RFC
              2. Pwlhelli RFC
              3. Nant Conwy RFC
              4. Ruthin RFC
              5. Denbigh RFC
              6. Caernarfon RFC
              7. Bethesda RFC
              8. Dolgellau RFC
              9. COBRA
              10.Bro Ffestiniog RFC
              11.Llandudno RFC
              12.Mold RFC

              2 North - 10 Clubs

              1. Llangefni RFC
              2. Machynlleth RFC
              3. Shotton Steel RFC
              4. Abergele RFC
              5. Colwyn Bay RFC
              6. Rhyl and District RFC
              7. Newtown RFC
              8. Wrexham RFC
              9. Harlech RFC
              10. Menai Bridge RFC

              3 North - 10 Clubs

              1. Llanidloes RFC
              2. Bangor RFC
              3. Llangollen RFC
              4. Rhosllanerchrugog RFC
              5. Flint RFC
              6. Benllech RFC
              7. Bangor University RFC
              8. Welshpool RFC
              9. Holyhead RFC
              10.Porthmadog RFC

              • robert rees good list but why ebbw at bottom of list of prem teams lol:)

        • robert rees what about ebbw to Aberavon ? or ebbw to Llanelli?

          • winsky01 Depends Robert, how fast can you get those horse and carts to go in Ebbw these days?

            • robert rees I go by coach so reasonably long

          • Stone The only real difficulty in travel is from south to north Wales (and vise versa). Below the championship it's regionalised anyway. Need to see more details before passing judgement, as ever bbc site doesn't offer much in terms of details.

            • robert rees so at the moment is it still a 12 team wp? with Swansea down ebbw up?

              • winsky01 Ebbw demoted to division 6 from what I've heard.

                • ComeonthePont! Maybe just rumours W01
                  Cefn Cribbwr up to Division1 ?

                • Neil S Does it matter? Its just more shuffling.

  • Interesting article.

    winsky01 The gravy train full steam ahead...

    • H griffiths I would like to think that someone would ask Mr Lewis to explain this in the E,G,M, This just endorses my views about the ROTTEN,STINKING SYSTEM THAT IS WELSH RUGBY, does anyone really believe non of the Clubs new about this? NONE OF THEM HAS ANY BALLS, Ihave no time for MOFFO, but at least he stands upto them, CANDYFLOSS AND PICKERING, MAYBE DUE TO SELF INTEREST BUT HE STIRS THINGS UP. I would like to think that our Club? would raise a few questions???

    • Basha Unbloodybelieveable!!!!!!!! But then again we shouldn't be surprised should we? After reading that article on Rebecca TV and now this.

      • H griffiths I would like to know the Clubs view on these disclosures, and will anyone question Candyfloss, about these issues?

    • Neil S Disgusting

      • Graham Unbelievable

        • ComeonthePont! Moffett's bound to pick it up.
          Not one of Roger or Carwyn's better moves

          • RhwsPontyFan Bent as a butcher's hook! He won't get away with it, someone will make an issue of it.

  • BIC Final

    Martin Williams Leinster A 44 Leeds 17, well done leinster, that was nearly us. Next year it will be ponty ponty ponty.

    • Martin Williams Shud have said that i am really proud of our boys that performance agsinst leinster was up there with the best. Enjoy the break boys and wot you have been through this season this season is a remarkable achievement, thank you

      • Neil S Should have been Ponty!

        • Martyn Lewis2 Robbed by the watch !!!

          • Nightmare XV Can't believe the crowd was only 1400!!!!

            • robert rees compared to what the full pro teams get that is shameful.

              • ComeonthePont! Can't help but think we should have won it this year and we would have had a lot more than 1400 at the game!
                But there we are, onward we move....

                • Neil S Would have been 5000 at Sardis.....bent ref....probably paid off by Roger!

                  • ComeonthePont! Even now and trying to avoid bias, I think the ref played too much added time.
                    But there we are............
                    We did very well anyway and onward we go!

                    • robert rees we thought the same after some of our losses lol. its crazy how on the most important games u hav the douche of a ref

  • WP Team of the Season

    Richard Evans Who would make your XV...would any player outside of the Ponty squad make your starting XV?

    • H griffiths Leon Andrews Cross Keys

      • chris davies Apparently, he only gets £2000 a month at keys.

        • robert rees hey dai Langdon at neath ~10 is on 2400 quid a mnth.

          • Richard Evans I was referring to player quality, not based on alleged monthly wages!!

            • robert rees yeah sorry I think o'driscoll for Newport on quality.

          • winsky01 If that's true no wonder they've got major financial problems.

        • Showboat13 Probably deserves it. He carries them. Quality player.

      • Doris Fair play he didn't stop trying when Cross Keys played us both times recently.

    • graigwen Budina OF Bedwas

    • graigwen Budina OF Bedwas

    • Ponty_Cyclops Funnily enough me and Mrs Cyclops were talking about this the other night.

      I managed to get to see far more games this season than I have in years, and I am going to get a season ticket again next year as it's worth it again for me now (all those years of bloody weekend shifts finally behind me!)

      We really struggled to see many players on the radar who would oust a Ponty player. I do not say that in a big headed myopic way, but rather in a worrying trend way. Let's hope some of the teams can up the ante next season (just not too much mind!).


      • Pontydragon Def Budina. The dude is a machine

  • WRU challenger David Moffett forces extraordinary meeting

    Pontyboyo It seems as though Moffett has the backing he needs. Including backing from the 4 regions. I don't like the man but hopefully he will shake up the WRU a little.

    • Martyn Lewis2 If you have not read this you should? Some very interesting points!!!


    • robert rees its becos 51 teams teams at club lvl complained about certain set-ups

      • Neil S Nothing in Moffetts manifesto for Ponty as far as I can see. Its just more of the same. The regions have backed him just to get at the WRU.

        • Martyn Lewis2 Well worth looking at his website. http://moffettrugby.com/

        • Richard Evans Neil, he sees the WP as a purely development league.

          • Neil S Exactly Richard!

  • London Welsh pre-Season game

    ComeonthePont! Great to see the London Welsh pre season game arranged
    Justin back in Ponty..................
    I really hope they can beat Bristol and be in the Premiership then.
    Look forward to it

    • Stone Yeah its a great fixture. Be great if we could line up a Cornish Pirates fixture as well whilst they are in South Wales but looking at theirs and our fixtures it would probably have to be mid week.

      • robert rees is the head director there david young?

  • B&I Match

    dunhukin What are the admission prices, KO time etc .

    • pj_becks Friday, 7pm, €15-20...in Dublin. ;)

  • Jevon Groves for Ponty?

    Sam http://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/sport/11223620.Jevon_Groves_poised_for_Blues_after_Dragons_exit/?ref=var_0
    I think he is more likely to be placed with Cardiff than us. We have Wayne, Crocker, Jake and Jordan who can play 6. Anyone heard this rumour though?

    • winsky01 He may be a regional player but after watching him in the last two big finals against us I'm not too sure he's any better than our current crop of back row players. If he's Wales 7's he'll be away exactly the same time as Shellard so doesn't seem a great deal of point in him being placed with us?

      • robert rees i don't particularly rate him as a great player he is good but nothing compared to some of the current crop of flankers in welsh prem.

        • Sean Chief said he signed for the Blues on Sunday but said it was a dual contract with Wales 7s

          • H griffiths The Chief also mentioned the B___S on every possible occasion, as far as I am concerned he is in the past, and he has nailed his colours well and truly on the B___S mast, . .What a wonderful signing he is for them and he is looking forward to working with him And ricko'shea comment about no number on James Howes shirt? do these guys know anything! Oh there another Ponty player with no number, when Belcher changed his shirt.

            • pontyboy2 i watched ponty"s cup final and play off game at sardis in spain, to be honest with you the comments by arthur emyr about the cup final was in my opinion absolute crap, he gave no credit to ponty for their huge effort throughout the season against full pro english and irish sides. and the fact we are semi pro punching well above our weight as we always have done and will continue to do so. and why they had chief commenting on the play off with phil steele really bored me to bits, the chief is now blue through and through and pont has moved on thankfully. we have a great set up here and lets keep it that way and continue our progress in ponty fashion. cmon the pont.

          • chris davies That is 100% spot on. Its a dual contract with welsh 7s and blues.

            • ComeonthePont! We are ok as we are in back row imo

              • Prince Dafydd I think Groves is a decent player - but unless some our current back rowers decide to leave, I cannot see where he would fit in.

                • Neil S Matthews is the better player!


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