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Ponty go on Parade


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  • The more the merrier

    Daiponty1 Would be great if we could get a few of the great irish fans across -


  • Jugement Day

    Daiponty1 So watched Leicester v Quins on Friday, great game actually, watched the mighty Pont yesterday, great tense game (one eyed feedback of course) - just watched the first half of judgment day - jeez, to say it was turgid was beyond belief and as for Jiffy and Martyn trying to talk it up - they must be really desperate for their BBC contracts - awful game, one paced boring rugby - kept flicking it over to watch Northampton v London Irish (8 tries) - now for my sunday lunch then the second half of judgement day for afters - surely it can't be any worse???

    • Pat Vellian Watched it, judged it, didn't buy the tee shirt.

      • lenny Get ready for the swansea sob story on scrum v tonight.

        • Daiponty1 So Jonathan Davies wants some kind of 'ring fencing' because its 'sad' with regard to Swansea potentially being relegated - he was not so vocal with regard to pontypool, ebbw vale, etc etc and I bet if it was the Pont - they would not be making a speacial feature about us - and where were they when the warriors got sold down the river! - ring fencing is the worst thing that you can do - it is the very opposite of what has been partially agreed in the Rabbo with regard to playing in Europe - you have to have meritocracy - if you are not good enough anymore then whilst its sad, it demonstrates that there is not enough talent coming through - the O's region has 4 clubs, plus their own academy, they should have more than enough players to ensure strength in depth - and as for Martin suggesting that Kardiff loan players historically to Ponty - something must be affecting his brain - what he meant to say was - we develop the talent, they pinch them from us, sit them on the bench, then we have to beg to have them back playing for us - their treatment of Ponty during the last 10 years has been shocking, absolutely shocking - there is not other word for it. Kardiif/Bloos are the most self centred club that there is and they have had no clear strategy to engage with the wider community unless there is something in it for them - let them rot in their plastic region with their plastic pitch.

        • Daiponty1 No thanks - after the second dose of judgement day thats enough for me - so, 30000 watched the best 4 sides in wales, less than last year and they were giving tickets away initially hugely discounted from Wednesday and then free to many a business - if that does not speak volumes then nothing does. Compare that to the 80,000 that the london clubs when then hold their double header - so no amount extra money is going to bridge the gap unless you get the public involved again in rugby and you won't achieve that via plastic regions. An for the record - if swansea drop, the so be it, its not as if their fans I've a damn, cos there is only about 20 to 30 when go down there with the Pont - perhaps they should make a TV programme about when they beat the all blacks - ha ha

          • Pat Vellian There were 38,000 at Twickers yesterday to Watch ONE match with only pride at stake. So the 4 pro Welsh teams attracted 7,500 fans each (assuming no neutrals) with millions of pounds WRU funding and Ponty will get 4-5,000 next week with how much funding?

  • Interesting thoughts from the Stadium 4 Cornwall campaign blog


    Economic Benefit to Cornwall

    Pontypridd RFC came to town a couple of weekends ago. What was that worth to the Cornish economy?

    The Welsh fans came by the coach load as well as independently. They are known to have stayed at Bude, Looe, Newquay and Penzance. Where else did they stay?

    Those travelling fans came, and stayed, in many cases for four or five days. They used the mini break to visit Watergate Bay, eat at Rick Stein's, Padstow. What else did they do? They certainly drank a lot in the town of Penzance and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They were welcome visitors in every way.

    One thousand are said to have come to Cornwall. If a very conservative estimate is put on this spending, say £100 per person, that is an enormous out of season boost to the Cornish economy of £100,000 in just one weekend. It was probably a lot more.

    Officialdom in Cornwall needs to "smell the coffee". That was one game.

    A stadium for Cornwall would replicate this many times over.

    • Pontydragon Pretty cool. You all know I've only been once, but to me that was worth $1,000,000. Would love to travel someday on the buses with the faithful for a road game. It's gotta be the sign of a true Valley Commado/Dinosaur...I need my badge.
      And, as an FYI, I've been know to down pints and ride for 5 hours without a pit stop...so, I'm a dependable lift candidate.

  • Cardiff v Pontypridd 19/04/2014

    Ponty Dog Cardiff v Pontypridd 19/04/2014

  • Predictions League

    Hoppy Ponty may have topped the premiership table but the prediction League is still up for grabs. Strides is out in front but a couple of good results for Neal Hammond and all could change. It goes to show the season isnt over until the fat lady sings. I've asked my wife to be quiet. Opps hope she doesnt read that. CCJ is still looking to get out of the relegation spot with 25 points but didn't play his joker where as the 22 points for Y Bont was with the use of his last. On to Newport on Tuesday and that hasn't been a happy hunting ground for use especially last year, but let's go and celebrate. HOLD THE LINE

    • Robert Adonis Oopps indeed !!! Bernard Manning would have been proud of that one. Hope your Mrs has got a sense of humour ?

      • Pontydragon Our battle pretty tight, COTP! Rock and Roll the rest of the way!!

  • Congratulations!

    Marc Wakeham Well done to Pontypridd on topping the table again. Good luck in your cup adventures over the next few weeks.

    Watches you win at CAP yesterday with some of your fans and it was a pleasure!

    • Marc Wakeham Watched even!

      • Robert Adonis Good hard game and a great atmosphere. Really impressed with the pitch too. Even if the Cardiff RFC fans were/are a bit thin on the ground there were still more home fans on view than at most grounds we go to - Swansea being the worst!!!

        • Marc Wakeham The pitch is fantastic for rugby to be played on. Pity neither of our sides are doing it justice at the moment.

          • Daiponty1 I wouldn't say that - its looks fantastic I agree and from a running and kicking viewpoint again I would agree - but i spoke with several players afterwards and judging by the state of their legs (knees) an elbows - the burn marks were quite horrific - surely that can't be correct? Real men play rugby on grass not plastic I guess

            • Pontydragon As someone from the Capital of Artificial Pitch Land...I hate the crap. While it can end a lot of postponements...it makes for a s**t looking game. While the speed can look fun at times, nothing I like better, once in a while, than seeing white jerseys turn brown. My son now plays gridiron on it a few times a year, and he hates it too. And, as said....its is a good a skin remover as acid...not to mention the tiny rubber balls that stick in every crevice of your body.

      • Daiponty1 Cheers Marc - yes another great achievement for the club, considering all the turmoil of this year, although cannot even see a report in the welsh press today, yet alone congratulations. One point that did register with me yesterday was 'where have all the Cardiff RFC fans gone?? it was pitiful - Cardiff are th ecapital club and should be well supported, have the Bloos by default, killed off Cardiff RFC? i sincerely hope not

        • Doris Fabulous result yesterday, well done the boys! but I think it says it all by CAP running out of tickets to get in. Surely they knew Ponty would bring a big crowd to such an important game.

          • Marc Wakeham They didn't run out of tickets. One of the sellers did and needed more to be brought round from another seller. That's all.

        • Bompa There is a nice article in the Wales on Sunday. We even got the front page of the rugby pull out. Are heads starting to turn?

          • Daiponty1 Nope

        • Marc Wakeham The truth is, as Neil S posts below, that Cardiff's first team are the "so called" Cardiff blues and the side you played yesterday are the second team "Rags". the following the WP side gets pretty much reflects traditional levels of support for the Rags.
          It would be nice if more came to watch (I only go to home games due to my reffing commitments) the Rags but, despite the WRU lies, most people realise what they are.
          Even when we won the WP a few years ago the crowds were low. With no disrespect to Ponty and the rest of the premiership given a choice do people want to watch the WP or The likes of Leinster, Toulon etc? I'm sure if the boot was on the other foot. You would all be watching the Rabo and not your seconds playing our only side. in the WP. It's just human nature.

          Regarding the Welsh press and TV they will just toe the WRU line. So don't hold your breath there.

          • Daiponty1 Agreed Marc, but its such a shame - if we cast our minds back to 1990-2003 I can honestly say that the crowds for Ponty v Cardiff at sardis and vice versa on boxing day were always very sizeable, (and that was when Ponty were virtually underdogs in every game)indeed a size that the regions would be only too happy with today - what they have to ask themselves is why they have turned so many people away from the game, especially as the populous of both Cardiff and RCT has increased, so as a percentage it has diminished at an alarming rate. What made welsh rugby great was parochialism and tribalism, bragging rites village to village, town v town - people just can't associate with it any more - until we get that re-instated and meritocracy in a league where clubs can be promoted and relegated then welsh rugby is doomed to an ever increasing minority sport.

          • winsky01 I think overall watching the likes of Leinster and Toulon must be weighed out against watching sides like Connacht, Zebre and Treviso. Most of the time the big Irish three don't have their main stars like BOD playing and the matches are turgid at best. Yes the WPL players and teams are semi pro but the matches across the board are far more watchable as yesterday's results proved.

            • Marc Wakeham I'd not disagree with comments about "watchability" but All players and fans would prefer to be at the top table. That the WRU has blocked any possibility to some clubs getting there ever again is a separate issue.

              • Stone Blocked 'all clubs'. They are supposed 'regions not rugby clubs.
                And true about wanting to be playing at the highest level, that's why the regions and their fans wanted to get out of the Rabo and play in the English premiership.

        • Neil S The Bloos are Cardiff RFC

          • Daiponty1 yep - funny that the WRU don't agree with that somehow though - they still stick their head in the proverbial sand - give the regions even more money to invest in oversea's players and journeymen - that will held welsh qualified player development in wales for sure!

  • Scores on the doors

    tony2sugars Carduff 0-10 (1) Ponty
    Dean Gunter yellow card for them down the road 30 mins

    • tony2sugars Carduff 0-15 (2) Ponty Lockyer try 36mins

    • tony2sugars Carduff 0-15 (2) Ponty Lockyer try 36mins

      • neil ridley Come on the pont

      • neil ridley Come on the pont

      • tony2sugars Lockyer yellow card :0(

        • tony2sugars Ht 3-15

          • tony2sugars Down to 14 men and stil score our 3rd try!! Walshy

            • tony2sugars Carduff 8-20 The pont

              • tony2sugars Carduff 13-20 The pont

                • tony2sugars 13-23
                  Red card 4 quins player, so let's get this bonus try and top the league!

                  • tony2sugars And there it is!!!!!
                    13-28 (4) bonus point and carduff yellow carded :0p

                    • tony2sugars 13-31 THE PONT

                      • tony2sugars That's full time, waiting for quins score

                        • tony2sugars And that's the 2nd cup final we have reached! Going 4 the treble...on course for the valley commandos

                          • pj_becks Well done on top spot again bois, hopefully win the league again. Big BP win for Swansea at Llanelli to keep their survival chances alive and end Llanelli's playoff chances.

                            • pj_becks Ponty v Carmarthen or Cross Keys in the final.

                              • ComeonthePont! Brilliant effort boys and thanks Tony2Sugars for scores update as I couldn't make it today.

                                • Martin Williams If avon beat neath on tuesday its then winner takes all on the saturday to stay up swans v neath to stay up.

                                  • Martin Williams Sorry but if neath beat avon swansea are down


    rhydhooker One of the unintended consequences of the hasttily packaged " new " European competition is the undoubted and glaring possibilty of match fixing in the later stages of the Pro 12 league .

    With each country having one place each with a further three places to be decided by league position there is ample scope for the welsh regions and irish provinces in particular to manipulate the end of season results to maximise the national participation in the competition .

    say for instance the Ospreys are guaranteed a place now but that the dragons need a five point win to get into the top seven would it not be suspicious if this happened . Similarly if Connacht required a forty point four try victory over leinster in the last game of the season to give the irish four sides ' who would believe it if such an outcome transpired ..

    the new system will ruin the integrity of the league !!

    I do not think this will matter as I believe it is only a matter of time before the qualifying welsh region ( or possibly two regions ) question why the non- qualifiers should share equally in the funding ' particularly if one region dominates as appears possible ( ospreys )

  • Bristol

    Pat Vellian Looking like bankers to make the BIC final and will be serious opposition for whoever they meet. Talk of Ryan Jones playing for them this season if the Ospreys don't make the play offs.

  • Oh Dear - west really is best isn't it!

    Daiponty1 So in addition to the post below I read this also - we had better arrange a bucket collection

    so obviously they will be able to stand on their own 2 feet as a region! - my backside - yet the wry will continue to keep purring the money in - if that was indeed a private business, it would be financially irresponsible to lend them any further money - its just throwing more money down the black hole

    • ComeonthePont! Obviously somewhat precarious finances, to put it politely.
      On the other point raised by various people here and the more respected pundits, no matter how much extra money the Regions will have it will pale in comparison to France and England, so the best players will still go imo.

      • Neil S They have been pronounced unviable before, have been unviable since the inception of pro rugby. Simply put Llanelli in any guise in the pro era have never been viable, that will not change.

  • My heart Bleeds

    Daiponty1 Thou shall reap what thou has sown - what a hypocrite

    • winsky01 Looool he uses Dan Biggar and Eli Walker as the examples of how Swansea have been rinsed, when did Biggar last play for Swansea RFC and for that matter when did Walker??? Muppet!!!!!

    • H griffiths I assume that you are referring to R Blyth, I disagree with his reasoning, but at least he has the BALLS, to express his disappointment. at the way his former is Club is being treated in this ROTTEN STINKING SYSTEM? WHICH HE UNDERPINS HIS FORMER CLUB IS CERTAINLY REAPING WHAT HE HAS SOWN TO A GREAT EXTENT I wish someone from our Club would voice concern about what's going on in OUR GAME

    • Blotto What an arse hole. Some people just want it all. All clubs are playing their part in development, look at the players ponty have lost not too mention our call ups to wales age grade, sevens or the blues. We all know the rules and ponty have ensured they have a squad to see the season no matter what. Bridgend, ebbw and pooler gone diwn, tonnawr and Caerphilly disappeared so tuff. League tables don't lie should have had a better plan to cope

      • RhwsPontyFan If he is so concerned, why doesn't he release some of the Swansea affiliated players to pull them out of the s--t? He's been too greedy if you ask me! He could have done something about it ages ago! Then; the regions only think of themselves don't they? B-----ks to the clubs!

        • ComeonthePont! The Ospreys Region Clubs are in the same situation as the other regions, just haven't done very well, end of.

          • Neil S I dont care about this tbh. Swansea are going down cos they are rubbish, end of story.

  • Predictions for our Judgement Day at CAP

    ComeonthePont! Tough game, all will be now, but we have picked strong looking squd.
    Huge effort needed imo after the Gnoll setback.
    We must make CAP a home game for us.
    Mine attached

  • Team for Saturday

    Daiponty1 Anybody know? injury updates?

    • Stone 15.Geraint Walsh. 14.Lewis I Williams. 13.Gavin Dacey. 12.Dafydd Lockyer - cpt. 11.Matthew Nuthall. 10.Dai Flanagan. 9.Joel Raikes.

      1.James Howe. 2.Huw Dowden. 3.Lewis Jones. 4.Craig Locke. 5.Jordan Sieniawski. 6.Wayne O'Connor. 7.Rhys Shellard. 8.Dan Godfrey.

      Subs: 16.Gareth James. 17.Lewis K Williams. 18.Owen Jenkins. 19.Aled Morris. 20.James Cashin. 21.Owen Sheppeard. 22.Tom Hetherington. 23.Chris Phillips.

    • ianto On the home page

      • Daiponty1 well what do we thin - is it strong enough to get us over the line??

        • Daiponty1 should say 'think'

          • Pontydragon Total confidence, but not over confidence, in this group...Just gotta transfer paper to play.

            • Polish Wonder Still on my travels so missing another game. Team looks strong, good to see the Daf-Gav partnership back, and Dai available to enjoy his last few games with us.
              Enjoy it everyone, make CAP feel more like Jurassic Park!

  • Swalec Final

    Pat Vellian This event is lower tier only general admission. Re-admission is allowed

  • Meet my dinusor

    Blotto Hi meet Shadwell the ponty dinusor. Shadwell says take it easy all and don't support the blues. Best £1.57 I gave ever spent

    • Daiponty1 Was watching many an upload from Pontydog on the PC last night, via youtube - Brive, Bath, Cu finals etc etc - got so engrossed midnight came and went!
      I have to say what a fantastic club history, stella, Baz, chief, Wyatt in his pomp, morgan, eynon, spiller, metcalfe and my favourite of all……… he's small, he's round, he's worth a million pound, phil john - if the spirit of this club ever lived and breathed within someone you would be hard pressed to find anybody who represented Ponty more than this little pocket dynamite - he is what a real hooker is all about

    • Blotto Photo will not upload will post later

      • Blotto here he is......

        • neil ridley Where did u get shadwelll from bottom can you get one for me and the boys

        • Blotto sorry can't get picture of shadweell on here :-(

  • Good Luck at Sardis Arms Park ;-)

    Phill The Bull Hope you turn em over!
    Hoppy - Can you use my same prediction as I can't use word on my phone! Cheers!

  • BBC Reply

    Neil S For information below is a response I received from BBC Sport:
    Dear Mr S!!!!!!!!,
    Thank you for your comments regarding BBC Cymru Wales’s coverage of Pontypridd’s British & Irish Cup game on Sunday 6 April at the Cornish Pirates.
    Perhaps I can re-assure you about our coverage of the club.
    The sports bulletins on Radio Wales on Sunday and Monday, April 6th & 7th, carried the result of the game. So, too, did the output on Radio Cymru on Monday, April 7th. In addition, Good Morning Wales transmitted an interview with the Pontypridd coach Paul John.
    Our Online service previewed the match in the day leading up to it, then carried an immediate report on the result and also, later, the thoughts of Paul John on the win. Here is the coverage:
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/rugby-union/26914355; http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/rugby-union/26918632 & http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/rugby-union/26875566.
    Turning to Wales Today our regional news programme. Covering all the sporting events that take place in Wales or involve Welsh participants within a news programme is impossible, especially at weekends when our bulletins are approximately 5 to 6 minutes in duration. As such, we have to make decisions based on the editorial merit of any given story. As we are not a comprehensive results service we normally prioritise by mentioning the results of national sides, the professional football teams of Swansea, Cardiff, Newport and Wrexham and the rugby regions.

    If there is a significant result for other teams we will give it consideration but in this case we did not have any television rights to the British and Irish Cup and therefore limited access to pictures of the game.
    In addition, neither do we have the TV rights to the Heiniken and Amlin competitions. So, we did not broadcast Scrum V Live or Scrum V highlights over the weekend of April 4-6 – simply, we are unable to broadcast live or highlights coverage of games in these tournaments.
    As you are probably aware, we extensively reported Pontypridd’s Swalec Cup semi-final victory last weekend on all our services, including Scrum V Highlights and I can assure you that we will continue to report on their fortunes as they chase the treble.

    Kind Regards
    Geoff Williams
    Head of Sport, BBC Cymru Wales

    • Basha Some ask Geoff, how could BBC Cornwall show Liam Belchers try on the news on Sunday 6th at 17.50hrs yet nothing on BBC Wales at that time? Something that maybe or not relevant is, :::: remember that scum V programme that featured with Rodger the Dodger Lewis slippery Gareth Davies etc and danger mouse Moffett in audience,??? On good authority DM was asked to appear on the panel, until 3 days before the show he was told he couldn't be on the panel he had to be in the audience because the Wruin would have pulled support for the show and RL would not have attended. I think there's a lot of truth in DP1 analysis below

    • Daiponty1 Sounds as if you touched a raw nerve - so what that they can't show the pictures due to TV rights, a simple 'and a well done to Pontypridd RFC who successfully beat etc etc' where there is a will there is always a way and unfortunately there is no will. To promote club rugby in Wales would be disastrous for the regions as 'joe public' would not have a differentiator - take 'wales on line' no mention of Neath's victory over us last night - instead they would rathe interview mcafferty over the process of the new Champions cup - there is a hidden agenda - which ultimately will be the downfall of welsh rugby as I have stated many ties. You need as man people seeing, reading, viewing, watching, playing rugby at ALL levels to promote and market the game - by not doing so they by default are making it a minority game in Wales - more fool them

      • pontyboy2 totally agree daiponty1, i have been banging on about this injustice against the success of our club and the pushing aside of any promotion of the premiership on the welsh media forever, there is no such thing as impartiality or fair play in wales when it comes to rugby, the wruin are scared sh*t of the original welsh clubs reclaiming their positions back in welsh rugby, we can now see with the superslugs that meritocracy has finally (at last) raised its ugly head. where is the meritocracy in the semi pro premiership when a team such as ponty with a great fan base can go no further than where we already are. mark my words if rugby gogledd cymru ever top the premiership.then surprise surprise meritocracy will be the word in vogue by the wruin and they will become another superslug, sorry i mean superclub. they must think everyone north of the m4 is as thick as 2 short planks. got to sign off now as i feel a lot of swear words are just about to come out.c"mon the pont.

        • Daiponty1 PB2 - unfortunately they just cannot see it and its not only the WRU but also the benefactors ego's - they are equally to blame, they think now that they have more european money that they will be able to compete in Europe - they won't - because the english and french still have more money - it just means the regions get paid more for conning to fail - the ONLY way is to develop as much talent as possible, have it coming through a club structure and just accept, that the superstars will go where they can earn the most money and that won't be Wales. Just imagine if Gareth Edwards were playing today - do the Bloos really thin they would be able to keep him - ha ha ha, if the current set up was not killing welsh rugby it would be funny as they are so deluded.

      • mair harris Wales online did mention Neath's win over us lol http://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-match-reports/neath-41-17-pontypridd-blacks-hopes-6994112

        • Neil S If anyone is interested I have replied as per below. At least the BBC have replied, ITV have not as yet:

          Thank you for reply to my original complaint received 16th April. I have to say I find content of the reply unsatisfactory. Despite the examples given of coverage of Pontypridd RFC victory over the Cornish Pirates I find the coverage still "minimal" at best. The bias to promote the regions at all cost is obvious. These teams continually under achieve on behalf Welsh Rugby and Wales as a whole. I beleive BBC Wales and BBC Wales Sport are "in the pocket" of the WRU and following an agenda. I was told in the reply "If there is a significant result for other teams we will give it consideration but in this case we did not have any television rights to the British and Irish Cup and therefore limited access to pictures of the game." I beleive Pontypridd being victorious away from home, with 1000+ travelling fans against a fully professional side to be a "significant result". I also found the reasoning regarding TV rights to be a little confusing. BBC Cornwall were able to show Liam Belchers try on the news on Sunday 6th at 17.50hrs yet nothing on BBC Wales? Also the Cornish Pirates showed the whole match via their internet TV service, so I assume rights were not really a huge issue. I still beleive BBC Wales choose not to highlight Pontypridds achievements in the BIC. There is a semi final at Sardis Road on April 26th against another professional side (Leinster A); perhaps more of an effort could be made on the next occasion Pontypridd represents Welsh Rugby.

          • ComeonthePont! Excellent accurate reply Neil.
            Just warming up for Judgement Day!

            • winsky01 The slogan should be - 'JUDGEMENT DAY - JUDGE WHO IS THE WORST WELSH REGION!'

              • Daiponty1 too difficult a question - as Blooos and Scarlets are in effect - clubs as is Dragons - so it would have to be the O's as at least they changed their name and moved venue. I hear they are giving tickets away again just to try and get people to come along - false economy and fools gold. Has anyone point our to roger he is wearing 'the emperor's new clothes' - ah yes Dai, 'I want to be like you' pickerring

                • winsky01 My N-G Dragons supporting mates have no intention of going down. They are pointing the finger at the WRU for it being organised on a Sunday (all be it bank holiday) and at 5 o'clock. They probably have a point. Not that I care but seems pretty brainless why it hasnt been scheduled for the Saturday.

                  • Stone Fair play getting to Cardiff from within South Wales is very difficult, perhaps it should be in Penzance as Ponty fans proved how simple that journey is. I know people in work that 'support' regions but aren't going, that's the spirit in it!

                  • Daiponty1 I looked up brainless in the oxford english dictionary and it said 'see clueless' so I looked at that and it said 'see Roger Lewis' and so I looked at that and it said 'see Dai pickering' and finally I looked at that and it said 'see brainless' - talk about going around in circles!! ha ha ( shouldn't laugh at my own sarcasm!)

  • Swansea

    Daiponty1 beating Aberavon 14-0 after 12 mins (2 tries) - so neath will still need to beat them if they carry on like this

    • Daiponty1 21-0 Swansea - Phil T Bull, looks like you are going to need to beat them

      • Daiponty1 28-0 , thats the bonus point, and Avon play Neath on Saturday at Talbot Athletic

        • Daiponty1 at half time its 28-0 for swansea and 3-0 for Bedwas over keys

    • Daiponty1 Bedwas beating Keys 3-0 at the moment

      • Daiponty1 Keys 8 - bedwas 3 at the moment

        • Daiponty1 keys 13-3 at the mo (2 tries)

          • Daiponty1 swansea winning 35-0, keys winning 13-8 after 60 mins

            • Daiponty1 swansea 40-0

              • Daiponty1 FT - Cross keys 13 Bedwas 8, keys move to 3rd

                • ComeonthePont! Keys targeting the double - make no doubt about it.
                  Come on Drovers and Newport on Saturday and as others have said a must win for us despite some key players out

  • Perspective

    Daiponty1 So - lets put some perspective on the season - which has been fantastic, but we have not won anything yet and could end up one big hell of an anti climax.
    Yes we are still in all 3 competitions - but remember the league and cup are our priority - if we win, the club earns money - money that is needed to bolster the squad etc - if we win the BiC - we get nothing, not a penny - all monies from ticket sales to programme sales to directly to the RFU - thats the way the competition is run - the upside of course is that we get to keep any bar takings and have had some fantastic PR - but given a choice, I want the league and cup double - the BiC is the icing on top of the cake - so lets focus on beating Cardiff and then securing home advantage in the play off final - we don't need another 'play off' game to get there

    • ComeonthePont! Thanks DaiPonty1
      I know nothing about how the funds go so good to know where our focus should be
      Obviously the razmataz is all about the BIC but as you say that is not our bread and butter.
      Squad selection will now be key, particularly with the unfortunate injuries we have.
      Also Dai Flan.....what is happening?
      I know he is off to Newport but with big marquee games now on surely a top player like Dai should want to be part of it and be selected accordingly?
      Or am I missing something?
      I agree our top team has to play against Cardiff and we need to turn CAP into our home ground on Saturday.
      And yes I got my BIC tickets this morning and the place was very busy!
      Roll on Pont we have a great team and now we all must pull together over the finishing line!

    • Daiponty1 and - pick my tickets up from the club this morning - great to see a queue of people from 8.45 - lets get a packed house at sardis, after we ave beaten Cardiff on Saturday though

      • Sam Dai I was looking at this the other day. Trying to work out which competition would be more financially beneficial to the club.
        Swalec Cup - £15,000 for the winning club and WRU keep the gate money.
        League - Have no idea what the winner gets or whether the WRU take the gate money on this game.
        BIC - Is this still going? Or is it exclusive to Championship clubs. States the BIC winner pocket £40,000, doesn't say about the gate though.

        I believe we only get £80,000 central funding off WRU, so these would be significant sums of money if available to us?

        • Daiponty1 also the link above is from 2012 - things have moved on since then - can't see any ref to prize money other than this link - although I can find more info in google from clubs such as London welsh etc saying there is no prize money?

          • Sam awww shame,
            There you go then Domestic first / BIC the icing on the cake.

            • The Sion king BIC priority no.1 for me. A demonstration of progression after last years double. How many games did we win to get to the swalec final? 2/3? Playing against full timers is a huge test for the boys. You always wonder if the BIC will be pulled or regions take if away. This could be ponty's last shot at it.

        • Daiponty1 Deffo had it confirmed that we don't get any monies - but I will double double check - don't forget our 'deal' will be different to the English championship clubs

          • Sam Aww I see. It is a shame because we add so much to the competition compared to many of the Championship clubs.
            However money aside, the Leinster occasion is going to an amazing day whatever the result. Can't wait.

            • Daiponty1 Correct Sam - the fact that we get no money is offset by the great PR that we have had - not so much in Wales (as the welsh press are biased and only report on regions) but across the border, LW, LS and Pirates all know and enjoy the Ponty experience in addition to the RFU

      • RhwsPontyFan Do we have to pick tickets up in advance or can we pay on match day as usual?

        • RhwsPontyFan Above post refers to Leinster game obviously.

          • Daiponty1 I suppose the obvious answer is - that it depends on how sales go - I picked mine up, as I do not want to leave anything to chance

            • Sam I think there were 3,000 at the BIC pool game last year.
              The importance of the game this time round has the potential to double that. Everyone is bound to bring that mate who used to watch Ponty, or a family member. Will be heading down Friday to get mine.

  • Prediction League

    Hoppy That was not expected. Sometimes you can predict a win for the opposition when the side is bottom but one in the table against the top of the table by a few points. But that score makes no sense. Fair play to Neath they stuck at their game plan. They got a bit twitchy at 24-17 and Ponty started playing 7's rugby and running everything. But they held their nerve and got what they derserved. Shame Ponty came away with nothing but that's what happens when you fail to take chances. On to Cardiff next for a must win game to take pressure off the last two games with cup finals and semi's to deal with. One game at a time.
    With a result like that points are very rare and thats what happend this time. Top score of 7 indicates no one predicted that reverse. So get your thinking caps on for saturday. I'm back up North so I will miss the game (I know Robert !!! ) Have fun all those going and give a shout for me. HOLD THE LINE

  • Last Night

    Phill The Bull Please read as I haven't come here to gloat...

    Last night, I thought from the outset our scrum dominated, we did what we haven't done all season (except Bedwas away) and that was keep it tight first 20 and take advantage of an ill discipline (for the pen) and a mistake for the try.
    10-3 at HT was fair, despite your hard attacks - our defence was heroic. Were we lucky we didn't get a second yellow 5m from our own line?! Maybe - But a penalty count of 18-12 to Ponty shows we didn't have all the decisions!

    After HT we came out with guns blazing and no-one will stop Pinches from the angle and distance he went to the line - the guy was immense until his injury forced him off.

    When Shellard responded, it was a case of 'Oh gawd here they come!' but in fairness back we came with Josh Davies scoring - after a Ponty error, but it still had to be finished off.

    James Thomas was immense all night and Dale Ford is an awesome acquisition and is at home at FB terrorising defences.

    I have never seen a Ponty Team look so rattled and panicked as they did in the last 10 mins. I thought Walsh looked great and Summerhill can be a Welsh international. Lewis K has a hell of a boot fair play!! it was tight at 24-17, but JTs penalty settled the 10 pt gap and the last 5 minutes we glossed the score a bit but Fordy's try was nothing less than he deserved.

    Daf Howells effort summed it up nicely when Helliwell chipped a perfect ball over and he waited patiently before picking it up and dotting down.

    Our kicking game was far better than last Wednesday and in fact from the rest of the Season, highlighted by Fordy's kick to the corner which touched the Corner Flag (Incidentally I forgot the corner flag don't count any more! I thought it went back!!)

    Now I say the following with all the sincerity in the world - and a few of you on here know me well enough to know I mean this...

    Oh and stuff them there Rags on Saturday ;-) !!!

    • H griffiths Neath were by far the better side, and the longer the game went on looked the more likely to score they have in my view a very, very good backline

    • H griffiths Neath were by far the better side, and the longer the game went on looked the more likely to score they have in my view a very, very good backline

      • Phill The Bull H if we use the ball more than pointless kicking - like last Wed at Sardis - We can do damage!!!!

        • Nightmare XV Neath deserved to win but I think the score flattered. I think it was a game too far for alot of players (Dan Godfrey - 4 in 9 days and then had to go into the second row!!). Also I don't think we can play 3 players who are regularly playing sevens in the back three as they were "wired" into sevens play and everytime Neath kicked long our back 3 went into 7's mode and thought they had all the time in the world for the rest of the team to come back to them (as per 7s) and start plays off again. If Lewis Williams had been on the pitch I think you may have seen some more direct running and distance made up field.

  • Last Night

    Phill The Bull Please read as I haven't come here to gloat...

    Last night, I thought from the outset our scrum dominated, we did what we haven't done all season (except Bedwas away) and that was keep it tight first 20 and take advantage of an ill discipline (for the pen) and a mistake for the try.
    10-3 at HT was fair, despite your hard attacks - our defence was heroic. Were we lucky we didn't get a second yellow 5m from our own line?! Maybe - But a penalty count of 18-12 to Ponty shows we didn't have all the decisions!

    After HT we came out with guns blazing and no-one will stop Pinches from the angle and distance he went to the line - the guy was immense until his injury forced him off.

    When Shellard responded, it was a case of 'Oh gawd here they come!' but in fairness back we came with Josh Davies scoring - after a Ponty error, but it still had to be finished off.

    James Thomas was immense all night and Dale Ford is an awesome acquisition and is at home at FB terrorising defences.

    I have never seen a Ponty Team look so rattled and panicked as they did in the last 10 mins. I thought Walsh looked great and Summerhill can be a Welsh international. Lewis K has a hell of a boot fair play!! it was tight at 24-17, but JTs penalty settled the 10 pt gap and the last 5 minutes we glossed the score a bit but Fordy's try was nothing less than he deserved.

    Daf Howells effort summed it up nicely when Helliwell chipped a perfect ball over and he waited patiently before picking it up and dotting down.

    Our kicking game was far better than last Wednesday and in fact from the rest of the Season, highlighted by Fordy's kick to the corner which touched the Corner Flag (Incidentally I forgot the corner flag don't count any more! I thought it went back!!)

    Now I say the following with all the sincerity in the world - and a few of you on here know me well enough to know I mean this...

    Oh and stuff them there Rags on Saturday ;-) !!!

    • Neal Hammond Well done, Phill and the Neath boys. The joy of the Neath supporters was something to behold! Now we have to bounce back in a big way, starting Saturday. No sour grapes on our behalf.

      • Phill The Bull Neal and others - Please do not laugh!
        I was literally close to tears last night - It literally meant that much - Victory last night is almost Life and Death for us in the Premiership - Swansea now need a miracle - And rumours were rife last night that when they drop they could 'do a Tonmawr' and drop right down and start again...

        I am Neath thru and thru but I hope it doesn't come to that for them... They could end up doing an Ebbw or Bridgend and come back after a season or two (as I'm convinced the Gogs will walk it next Season) although Merthyr seem to be a coming force and Pooler are on the march back too... But the Biggest game for Swansea when they do go down...

        Glynneath home and away!! Max Boyce's boys!!

        Great Club with Great History

        • Neal Hammond I'm not laughing,Phill. If our positions were reversed I would probably be feeling much the same as you. Thanks for your good wishes by the way. It's still all to play for. The stakes couldn't be any higher for us.

          • Phill The Bull I meant don't laugh at the fact I was nearly in tears!!! lol I really hope you do this Treble and that's no disrespect to Keys who were outstanding against the Drovers

            • Daiponty1 PTB - and thats why Neath and Ponty are kindred spirits - it matters

  • All down to the Cap on Saturday

    Daiponty1 As much as I hate giving Kardiff my hard earned cash - we all need to get down there to pick the team up and lift them after tonight's result

    • pontyboysdad Wouldn't be too down about this. In with a shout till right at the end. Neath well deserved the win but the score flatters them a little. Hope our future heroes learnt some lessons tonight. Some scintillating tries mixed in with some howlers born of inexperience and nievety.
      Still take heart, another nail in Swansea's hopes.

      • The Pudding I suppose, given the fact that we are still in the hunt for an historic treble, we should cut the boys some slack for tonight's poor display. Suffice to say we played like a bunch of headless chickens and were tactically inept from start to finish,repeatedly spurning kicks at goal, or to touch, in favour of a barrage of quickly taken tap penalties that got us absolutely nowhere.More worrying were the injuries to Jordan and Tom .Lastly, it didn't help our cause that we were unable to name a second row or an outside half on the bench tonight. As flag bearers for the Premiership and indeed for Wales in cross- border competitions this year I find that something of an embarrassment.

        • black mamba Well that caught me by complete surprise, I was expecting a scoreline roughly in the other direction but I suppose a good away win at Bedwas has given Neath some much needed confidence. I was actually driving past Ponty on my way home to Neath when I heard the score, absolutely gutted that I wasnt there to see the game. Swansea now look doomed and there are strong rumours that they are going to fold if they get relegated.

          • H griffiths Neath deserved the win we were VERY VERYPOOR basic errors overall a shocking ,performance onto CAP

  • Not going well

    Daiponty1 Jordan off injured, cash in yellow card and 10 nil down virtually at en dog first half

    • ComeonthePont! Maybe a game of two halves?
      Windy maybe?
      Injuries our biggest threat but hopefully we can get back and bag some tries!

      • Daiponty1 17-3 down, five minutes into second half - c'mon lets all use the power of thought - ponty ponty ponty

        • Daiponty1 17-10 - keep using that power of thought guys and gals - ponty ponty ponty

          • Daiponty1 24-10

            • Daiponty1 24-17 - 15min to go

              • Daiponty1 shellard and summer hill with our tries I think - 9 mins - come on Pont - big effort

              • ComeonthePont! pressure and momentum!

                • Daiponty1 27-17 - need a losing bonus point!! 6 mins to go

                  • Daiponty1 2 mins to go

                    • Daiponty1 34-17 1 min to go - rollocks

                      • Daiponty1 Looks like too many games in such a short period has finally caught up with us - but also hats off to Neath _ hope they can beat Swansea to stay up as they just got a bonus point

                        • Daiponty1 39-17

                          • Daiponty1 41-17

                            • ComeonthePont! 1 minute to go 7 minutes ago!

                              • Daiponty1 Well done to Neath - one more victory and they are safe - they play Aberavon and Swansea away - if they win the Avon game then Swansea are relegated - no matter how many junior Ospreys swansea put int he side for the last game

                              • ComeonthePont! Thanks Daiponty1 - I guess that was the final score.
                                Well done to Neath - I never thought they would go down no matter what happened tonight anyway.
                                I hope our older heads can lift the youngsters who played tonight 'cos we need the whole squad for the run in.
                                Still we must look on the bright side and Saturday's game is a very big one now!
                                I expected a fair number of tries but more evenly spread!
                                The challenge is clearly there for us but we thrive on such things, albeit we have a lot of games to fit in.

  • Huw Dowden

    dunhukin Best wishes on your return !!

    • Daiponty1 yep - would be a great boost to the team for the end of season run in

  • Neath Team

    lenny Neath coach Patrick Horgan said, “Our destiny is in our own hands and we cannot rely upon other results. We need to get a result but are fully aware of Pontypridd’s capabilities and they blew Aberavon away in the Cup last Saturday. We need all the support we can muster as Ponty’s support gives them the edge in 50:50 decisions ”
    Neath v Pontypridd (Home) From Squad
    Aaron Bramwell, Dale Ford, Dafydd Howells, Alec Jenkins, Ceri Young, John Leyshon, Arron Pinches, David Langdon, James Thomas, Josh Davies, James Helliwell, A.N. Other, Gerwyn Price, Sion Crocker, Marc Jones, A.N. Other. Gavin Evans, Jack Jones, James Goode; Lee Evans (captain), Leon Ward, Gareth Gravell. Calum Davies, Jordan Collier, Gareth Bateman

    Neath coach Patrick Horgan said, “Our destiny is in our own hands and we cannot rely upon other results. We need to get a result but are fully aware of Pontypridd’s capabilities and they blew Aberavon away in the Cup last Saturday. We need all the support we can muster as Ponty’s support gives them the edge in 50:50 decisions ”

    Neath v Pontypridd (Home) From Squad

    Aaron Bramwell, Dale Ford, Dafydd Howells, Alec Jenkins, Ceri Young, John Leyshon, Arron Pinches, David Langdon, James Thomas, Josh Davies, James Helliwell, A.N. Other, Gerwyn Price, Sion Crocker, Marc Jones, A.N. Other. Gavin Evans, Jack Jones, James Goode; Lee Evans (captain), Leon Ward, Gareth Gravell. Calum Davies, Jordan Collier, Gareth Bateman

  • Neef Predictions

    Pontydragon Youth and speed merchant day + a nice touch of wisdom! Ole'!

    • ComeonthePont! PD you've leapfrogged me!
      I agree huge pace in the backline so if we can match them up front could be a good score in perfect conditions.
      Neath will fancy their chances as they were competitive last week and we are ringing the changes.
      Here's mine anyway...roll on boys!

      • Phill The Bull Well I hope I'm not too optimistic... a 5 pointer for you... but a 2 pointer for us...

        • ComeonthePont! The ideal scenario!

        • Neal Hammond Knocking on the door. Sorry Phill.

          • The_Sion_King Keep on trucking

            • Strides Not going but will be there in spirit.

              • Paul Marshall Here's Mine

                • ianto I think this will be tough, Neath are fighting for their survival in the Prem. Good luck Pont!

                  • Kevin Fitzgerald Please use my same predictions from last week Hoppy, apart from try scorers. Please put Ponty 14 for 1st and Ponty 13 for last. Sorry had to post from phone so no attachment. thanks

                    • Hoppy No problem KF. I assume you mean last week's Neath game not last weekends Aberavon semi game. So all done. Good luck

                      • Blotto Hoppy sorry to post like this can't keep up with all these games. Ponty 42 neath 30. Half time neath 21 ponty 17. 10 tries in the game 6 of them for ponty. 3 penalty goals 0 yelliw cards. Ponty first try summerhill and last heatherington. Thanks

  • Aberavon v Pontypridd 14/04/2014

    Ponty Dog Aberavon v Pontypridd 14/04/2014

  • Prediction League

    Hoppy Ponty win 32-03 but lose on territory and possession. We done ‘em in the first half and our defence in the second was great. The Wizards had enough ball to do some damage but it always looked that when required we could break out and score. Having said that, I very much doubt Leinster will squander the chances on offer. Off to the Gnoll next. I’m torn between giving them the game to secure their survival and us getting the win and BP to confirm the WPL final at home.
    What is confirmed is that Owz is fighting back. He predicted that the Ponty defence would hold out and got ten points for predicting the Wizards 3 points and knew it would be a clean fight with no yellow cards. He played his joker too so his points rocket up by 24. Almost doubling his points tally. Get those predictions in early. Don’t bother naming players it’s too complicated to revise. Just put Ponty * and the number. I’ll do the rest. I hope to see you down the Gnoll.

    • Kevin Fitzgerald I'm missing 5 points for Dico's try Hoppy. Cheers.

      • Hoppy Sorry KF. got that after I uploaded the tables. Suffice to say it's added and will be included in the next results and table. By the way those 5 points put you ahead of me in the table. Cheers

        • Kevin Fitzgerald Cheers, well worth it then :-)

  • Cornish Pirates v Pontypridd 06/04/2014 .

    Ponty Dog Cornish Pirates v Pontypridd 06/04/2014 .

    • Daiponty1 Fantastic - brings back great memories - the commentators are obviously a little 'one eyed'!

    • RhwsPontyFan Thank you for this PD, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

      • Pontydragon Great share, Bubba!!!

  • Lets get it Done

    Daiponty1 Pick the strongest team possible for the next 2 games - Neath away then Cardiff away - that way we can rest the first team for the away trip to Newport prior to the BIC semi - if we can win both, then we are guaranteed top top me thinks and a home league final - ole ole ole - what we don't want, is to have to go to the Turks, after the BIC semi and need a win to get top spot - so lets do it now!

    • Pontydragon Looks like youth and speed, and a bit of wisdom thrown in. Hope the blackness have their running cleats on! Might be a barnburner!

  • And by the way...

    saethennin The Quins beating Llanelli today means that we have now qualified for the Premiership play offs. Llanelli and Llandovery can't overatake us (the latter because of fewer games won) and while the Quins and the Keys possibly could we now only need one win and one bonus point from our last four games to guarantee finishing top, and therefore home advantage in the final decider.

  • Dinosaurs at the Brewery Field

    Sam Yet another Welsh club put to the sword within half an hour. They keep digging deep, and their rugby has been a pleasure to watch. Well done lads.
    Nice to see we were roared on by a number of inflatable dinosaurs at the Brewery Field too! I wonder what the Chief may have started by accident here?
    I imagine if the club commissioned a Ponty Dinosaur in the club shop, it would fly off the shelves right now. In the mean time, I have my Ponty Dinosaur on order. Let’s turn the shed into a Jurassic Park for the Leinster Game lol

    • Blotto I'm off to buy a dinosaur tomorrow. Come on lets all join in!

      • H griffiths Are we going to see a March through Ponty on the day of the BIC, TO SHOW THE WRUIN, WHERE THE HEART OF WELSH RUGBY REALLY IS, and represent the WHOLE of WELSH RUGBY, and have a DINOSAUR at the head of the parade

      • ComeonthePont! Great idea
        Perhaps we should have a large version as you come into the ground on match days complete with roaring sound effects!
        One of my mottos (and I have a lot) is for every negative there is a positive, and in this case the Dinosaur is exactly that!

        • Sam I have spent £1.72 on worse things lol

          • Stone I can see a dinosaur print jersey on the cards for next season :)

            • Polish Wonder The dinosaurs weren't just at the Brewery Field - I couldn't make the game yesterday so had the flag flying with me in Vietnam (Hopefully the photo upload works here....)

              "I'm a dinosaur and I don't care
              On my chest a Ponty badge I wear
              We're black and white and this is true
              I will never be a bl*e"

              • Sam Great song, we gotta make it a regular chant!

                • Stone I'm definitely up for it. A few more words than the usual 'songs' nut heck us dinosaurs can manage it!

              • Stone I heard people wanting new songs yesterday, can't think of a better one giving all the dinosaur rage going on at the moment.
                Tune is Monty Pythons' Lumberjack Song.

              • Polish Wonder Credit to Stone (or rather, to Mrs Stone) for the flag by the way

                • ComeonthePont! What about a Pontysaurus Dinosaur mascot?
                  Would be great PR methinks and we never see Panda anyway these days!

                  • mair harris A Pontysaurus Dino would be awesome, far more fitting to have a ferocious mascot and the kids would love it. I can just see Ponty dinosaur onesies and toys flying out of the shop :)

                    • Snoop Cheap as chips on Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Dtoys&field-keywords=inflatable+dinosaur&rh=n%3A468292%2Ck%3Ainflatable+dinosaur

  • Swalec Semi

    RhwsPontyFan Great win today, thoroughly enjoyed it. Some errors here and there but generally a brilliant performance. Great defence when Avon were attacking our line. Good to see Dico back in a Ponty shirt and scoring the first try, what a comeback?
    Looking forward to the next game I can make now, Cardiff at Arms Park, although Leinster is just around the corner. Loads to look forward to!

    • Snoop Good win today, can't wait for the final. One down 2 to go! Team showed some great skill and flair in parts of the game. I thought Rhys Shellard was fantastic today. He always has a massive presence on the field. Very happy to see Dico back in the team. On to the next game. Da iawn Ponty!

  • Scrum V on Sunday

    Silverback ' On the road with Ponty'

    Looks like they cant keep ignoring us.

    • Robert Adonis Even Mr.Holley gave us a few compliments, He said that Bristol lost down in Cornwall - so winning down there was a great achievement.
      With a bit of luck we may see him at Sardis for the final?

      • ComeonthePont! Very brief article though and Kingsley will be supporting his boy in the Swalec final, naturally enough.
        Still we are too obsessed generally with the Regional game.
        The WOS had a big from/back page 'Judgement Day' spread today trying to drum up the numbers for MS games between our failing teams.
        ScrumV could and should imo have showed extended highlights of both semi finals, with the Keys/Droverd game being a particularly good one by the sound of it.
        Still we are where we are, with a far better product in Rugby terms at WP level that the Regional same old same old stuff!
        Bring on the Dinosaurs!

        • winsky01 Ponty v Bristol would be the dream final in my opinion. Bristol have fantastic support and would bring a couple of thousand supporters and if there were 6,000 at Sardis a few years back I reckon it would be close to selling out this time. Plus it being live on Sky, what a statement that would be to pro Welsh rugby.

          • Robert Adonis Yes. Can't see Leeds bringing many. Bristol brought hundreds last time and would certainly make the occasion a special one. Still, lets not get too ahead of ourselves as Leinster will present a formidable hurdle.

  • Pontypridd v Neath 09/04/2014

    Ponty Dog Pontypridd v Neath 09/04/2014

  • Prediction League

    Hoppy Lets get the predictions out there

  • Tim Aberafan

    saethennin Jonathan Phillips, Richard Carter, Matthew Jenkins, Will Price, Steffan Andrews, Aaron Jones, David Pritchard;
    Rowan Jenkins, Ieuan Davies, Andrew Clatworthy, Gavin Ronan, Ian Moore (capt) James Bija, Ben Thomas, Nathan Brown
    subs: Chris Morgans, Lewis Evans, Darren Ryan, Chris Davies, Evan Yardley, Andrew Gwynne, Chris John, Neil White

  • Ponty on Sky Sports' rugby club tonight.

    winsky01 For anyone interested they did show a bit of footage of our match vs Pirates on Sunday and mentioned our fantastic support down there. I did record the programme so could film it on my phone an upload it if anyone is interested. Nice to get a mention I suppose.

    • neil ridley Can u upload it please winsky01

      • winsky01 I've tried twice but unable to. Sorry. It's stalling when loading.

  • Brewery field

    Daiponty1 Where is best place to park?

    • Damian Jones On the field.

      • Snoop Car park not far from the Brewery Field - 2min walk. Just off A4063 Brewery Ln next to Tesco.

        • Wild Raven Tesco car park has a 2 hour limit enforced by cameras so I would advise against using it. Also the Tesco gate will NOT be in use on Sat so you will have a long walk around. For free parking your best bet is if you drive past the ground (on your right) along Tondu Rd as if you are leaving town then a few hundred yards past the club and a small housing estate is a small industrial estate. Booker cash and carry and a few car salesshowrooms etc. There should be ample free street parking there.

          For early birds the council Pay & Display immediatly outside the ground is an option. There is also now a privately owned pay car park on the site of the old Embassy Cinema just over the road from the club.

          • ianto Thanks for the info WR

            • Daiponty1 many thanks

  • Team for Saturday

    Nightmare XV Great to see Dico back for us on Saturday. Is the Craig Hawkins on the bench the ex Llanelli hooker?

    • Ponty.net Yes, the very same.

    • winsky01 I was wondering that about Hawkins. I hope all these permit players aren't cup tied and registered properly after what happened when we got kicked out of the play-offs a couple of years back Lol!

      • Nightmare XV Yeah my thoughts exactly. I would like to think we have learnt from previous experiences and if we want to be seen as a professional outfit then this should be normal business.

        • saethennin Very wierd to see "Ripper" Hawkins in a Ponty jersey! When he played for Llanelli against us I really disliked him - he was such a niggly aggressive presence for them. But he always made his presence felt.
          I'm sure he's not cup-tied. He was dual registered with llanelli and Dunvant, played a number of games for the Turks before Christmas then faded from the scene. From what I can see he only turned out once for Dunvant and that was months ago too.

          • Hoppy Ha ha. I've got the agree Saeth. I hated him (in a good way) because he was a terrior, aggressive and reminded me of our dear old Phil 'Gurka' John. Always able to get under the skin of the opposition players and supporters. Respect to the man. But I'm disappointed that he's playing for us but needs must I suppose.
            If he comes on I hope he HOLDS THE LINE.

  • Davies returns to blues

    lenny Bradley davies returns to the blues team tomorrow, wonder if this will mean dico possibly coming back???

    • Martin Williams Dico is training with ponty tonight

      • Nightmare XV Yep in the team for Saturday.

  • European Rugby Cup approved

    Pat Vellian European Rugby Cup: Heineken Cup replacement gets go-ahead
    The new European Rugby Champions Cup to replace the Heineken Cup has been given the go-ahead to start next season.

    The heads of agreement - the principles behind the deal - were signed by the nine parties involved on Thursday, bringing an end to a saga which has rumbled on for 18 months.

    The signatories are the unions from the Six Nations countries, plus the club bodies for England, France and Wales.

    • Pat Vellian The heads of agreement - the principles behind the deal - were signed by the nine parties involved on Thursday, bringing an end to a two-year saga.

      The signatories are the unions from the Six Nations countries, plus the club bodies for England, France and Wales.

      There will be 20 teams, six from France and England and seven from the Pro12, with a play-off for the last spot.

      Bill Beaumont, chairman of English governing body the Rugby Football Union, said: "We are very pleased that the challenges off the pitch are concluded so we can enjoy the joys of the game on it, creating more unforgettable memories for players and fans alike."

      In addition, the European Rugby Challenge Cup will replace the second-tier Amlin Cup while a new third-tier competition called the Qualifying Competition will be introduced.

      The tournaments will be headed by European Professional Club Rugby, a new Swiss-based association, which will replace current organisers European Rugby Cup (ERC).

      English Premiership clubs withdrew from ERC in June 2012, and have long advocated changes to the present tournament, the Heineken Cup.

      The issue of who will broadcast the new competitions has been a source of contention but BT Sport and Sky have reached an agreement to share coverage.

      • Pat Vellian Cant wait for the details... 'a new third-tier competition called the Qualifying Competition will be introduced'.

        • Sam I believe it is only a 12 team competition. All clubs from Italy and the 6 nations 2nd division countries.

          • Pat Vellian yes, looks like a monopoly for the regions. and fully pro teams. Lets hope the BIC survives.

        • Pat Vellian The elite competition will comprise 20 teams, six each from the Aviva and the Top 14, and seven from the RaboDirect Pro12, including the top team from each of the four countries (Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Italy).

          The 20th place will be decided by a play-off, this year between the seventh-placed English and French teams. Next year that play-off will also involve two RaboDirect Pro12 teams. The tournament winner will not automatically qualify for the competition.

  • Prediction League

    Hoppy It was not all bad news for Neath supporters last night. Phill the Bull pulled out all the stops to get a joker enhanced 30 points. Still not enough to beat the mighty Ponty but enough to beat all the other predictors. Well done Phill I hope you do slightly better on Tuesday.

  • Last Night...

    Phill The Bull ... Frustrated - on a few points - One being I couldn't get there (grrrr), Secondly - From all the reports I've had, why the hell didn't we keep ball in hand?? The last try being a prime example apparently... It must be a coach directive to kick so much...

    But (and I know this sounds bad) to only lose 20-32, when most of our supporters expected a 40/50 pointer, is not a bad result - but if we, Neath Supporters are happy with only 'damage limitation' score-lines when we are capable of so much more is a bad reflection on us in the last 5 years

    Onto Next Tuesday and maybe a different scenario, if you do the right thing and shove Avon out so they can concentrate on beating the Jacks!! ;-)

    • odorocks Neath’s game plan seamed to be to peg the ball into our half then wait for us to make a mistake at the breakdown which was happening (assisted by some questionable refereeing), in all fairness to Neath I though they played a sensible game and drew us into playing the game there way.

      • lenny Yes was happy with the result given we rested so many players and had a few players on permit.

      • Neal Hammond Neath played well enough to show that we are going to have a game on our hands down there next week. I agree that they kicked the ball away too much in the first half. When they attacked us in the second half they looked dangerous and scored some good tries. Even so, we kept on track with a bonus try win.

        • Mogsy Sorry guys, can't agree. Let's be honest, Neath were poor last night and no amount of dressing it up will change that. No disrespect, but we didn't really get out of second gear because we didn't have to, we just done enough to win the game. I thought Neath would come and really test us last night especially after them winning at Bedwas last Saturday, and with us resting so many players and drafting in others from other clubs. I hope they don't go down because we need a strong Neath side in the premiership, but going on last nights performance I wouldn't bet against it. We've played Swansea twice and I think they are unlucky to be where they are because they played a lot better than Neath did. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I say it as it is.

          • ComeonthePont! We will need to sharpen up quite a bit for Saturday, and Neath will be hard to beat next Tuesday imo given the current situation with the number of games we have.
            Ford went through much too easily twice in the last 10 minutes.
            But overall a good result, and I think Neath have enough to stay up.
            I hope so anyway

  • No 10 for Saturday?

    ComeonthePont! I gather Humbers will be with the Blues and Dai Flan is unavailable.
    So could be the Special K?
    He played well last night and could thrive with us again, and of course has a huge boot.

    • winsky01 Depends whether Special K played in any earlier rounds for Bridgend?

      • Stone Yeah I'd play Lewis at 10 if he isn't cup tied. Don't think he played much for Bridgend. Also any news on Jarod's injury, he looked promising against Carmarthen.

        • lenny Loooking at the bridgend site, he's only played a handful of games so far this season. There was alot of talk last night in the shed that humbers will be off to the blues and dai off to newport. So having Lewis K would be a good decision. Had a good game last night and forgot what a huge boot he has. Also heard the Huw Dowden is back for the Cardiff Game next week.

          • Pontyboyo Humberstone has already gone to the Blues. He plays for us when not required by the Blues. Dai is off as a player/coach to Newport so agree Lewis would be a good player to have back. I believe he has signed for next season but as always, take rumors with a large pinch of salt.

            • Sam Shame Dai is off. On his day he is still fantastic at this level. Interesting that the current Newport fly half is the under 20 fly half. So wasn't expecting him to go there tbh

        • pj_becks Didn't play against Aberavon in their cup game so won't be cup-tied.

          • sarniter Yes, Paul John interviewed after last night game confirmed that spec k is available for sat.

            • ComeonthePont! Thanks Sarniter, taht's why he played then.
              If as stated Dai Flan is off to Newport we should give hime due recognition as he has been excellent for us.
              We will need two fly halves next Season then, maybe Special K and Jarrod?)

  • BIC

    Chief We should go all out for this and personally invite all the media, pundits and even the WRU board. They need to see in person that Ponty is still here and alive and kicking despite all their knocking and bickering.

    was great to see on twitter over the weekend all the support we had from local clubs like Mount, etc etc the club could invite all players / members of all the local clubs and it would be a big statement to wru about the 'region'.

    • ComeonthePont! I am sure our Board have great plans for the day.
      If we could turn it into a celebration of community rugby that would be a great statement.
      So as you say let's look at ways to get our community area involved on the day (school sports teams/choirs, local achievers across various walks of life, maybe some well known local celebs etc. etc.)
      I'll eave the details to our PR and marketing but would be more than happy to toss ideas in and make any contacts if it would help.

      • winsky01 Agree. I know it's difficult as ticket sales goes to the BIC committee but I would go handing out loads of free tickets around local valleys schools to bump what will be a big crowd up even further. The regions do it so why not us.

        • Snoop This is how I'd do it -
          1. Sort out a big Twitter / Facebook advertising campaign. (We're very good at this)
          Ask GTFM, Radio Wales , Radio Cymru, S4C to promote the game.

          2 Give amount of free tickets to local schools / age-grade ponty teams + feeder clubs i.e. Cilfynydd, Beddau, Mountain Ash, Merthyr. (Club can make money back in the shop o'r bar)

          3. Organise a supporters march through Ponty (from the Bridge to Sardis Road) before kick off. This could drum up extra support for the game.

          4. Invite local brassband and Ponty Male Voice Choir to perform before the game.

          • Ioan Dyer snoop, I am stunned that you mention gtfm in the same sentence as radio wales and radio cymru for promoting pontypridd, gtfm were the only welsh broadcaster in penzance, and we`ve reported at every game bar a handfull for the past 3 years, gtfm certainly does support ponty, every week of the season in a variety of ways, and there is no need to ask gtfm anything as we do it already

            • Snoop Ioan very true! Just mentioned the as a general idea for building up the BIC game. If I could edit my original post I would. GTFM has been a fantastic supporter / promoter to Pontypridd for a long long long time. Diolch am dy holl waith caled Ioan.

          • Sam If your looking for Music before the game, a guy called Ben Smith is your man!
            He is a huge Ponty fan and is a member of Only Men Aloud. He has sang with most of the male voice choirs in the area. I'm sure he would love to sing a few rugby classics to get the crowd going.

          • H griffiths Snoop GOOD POST let's show the WRUIN, for what they are, I think inviting ALL the LOCAL CLUBS AND SCHOOLS A FANTASTIC IDEA, AND A MARCH THROUGH PONTY TERRIFIC
            see everyone on Saturday

            • ComeonthePont! If our Committee /PR are reading this please do it.
              I would be more than happy to march, and maybe we could put some posters in Shops in Town as I myself have done recently for campaigns for my own Organisation.

              • pontyboy2 wonderful ideas for the leinster game.i really do believe that the crowd and interest in ponty should be milked for all its worth .if some of these suggestions could be put in to place before the bic semi final i"m sure it would create a massive amount of good will towards the pont and local rugby. and to top it with another win over leinster would show everybody how valuable we are to welsh rugby.

                • Damian Jones A mix of choirs and more modern music genres would be more beneficial. We don't want to be seen as a stereotypical Welsh team (choirs, miners etc which belong in the past (in the main). Also, how about a half time challenge? Perhaps am invitation to Leinster schools for a curtain raiser? Ponty schools/youth v Leinster schools/youth. Inviting players/fans from local clubs is a great idea.

                  • Snoop I would be happy to move away from stereotypical stuff, just thinking numbers. If we could get ACDC to play I would be happy. ( ex drummer Chris Slade from Ponty )

                    • ComeonthePont! The Chris Slade of the Senators?
                      A long long time ago that was!

  • Ponty V Neath

    RhwsPontyFan Great result tonight! Well done to all those who played and to those who masterminded the game. Great playing team and great coaching team! Next up Swalec semi v Aberavon. Can't wait!
    Just finished watching the Welsh Varsity Match, Swansea Uni V Cardiff Uni. All supporters in the lower tear of the stand, it looked much better and sounded better too. Hope they do that for the Finals Day on 4th May? But before that we face Aberavon, so "Come on the Pont!" Ponty! Ponty!

    • lenny Good result last night given the game on sunday.Thought lewis had a good game at outside half , have we signed him or is he just on petmit. Also thought new recruit james cashin done well at the lineout.

  • BIC Final

    Daiponty1 Now not getting ahead of ourselves - but on the leinster unofficial fans forum 'babbling brook' it states that the final will be played at whoever wins out of Ponty and Leinster - now thats incentive enough surely!

    • Chief forget about that for now. only the next game counts

  • Strong Neath Team

    lenny Neath v Pontypridd (Away)

    Dale Ford; Alec Jenkins, John Leyshon, Aaron Bramwell, Dafydd Howells; James Thomas, Tom James; Gareth Edwards, Sion Crocker, Marc Jones; Jack Jones, James Goode; Lee Evans (captain), Leon Ward, Gareth Gravell

    Replacements From : Aaron Pinches, Ceri Young, Josh Davies, Martin Jones, Gerwyn Price, Ceri Jones, Jordan Collier, Gareth Bateman, Calum Davies

    • Phill The Bull I am happy with the team... Just hoping I can get there as my normal lift has work commitments

      • pj_becks Ponty 32-20 Neath FT try BP


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