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The B.O.S.S. Scheme – an update

When the playing season finishes around the month of May every year there’s always a quiet couple of months in terms of the rugby-side of operations, but Sardis Road and its surrounding areas continues to remain a hive of activity over the summer period.

Pontypridd RFC, led by its Club officials is always looking to improve the facilities for supporters at Sardis Road and this could not be done without our loyal fans who contribute to the Club’s BOSS Scheme.

Before we give you some examples of the essential work that the BOSS Scheme allows the Club to carry out, some background information about the Scheme – it is a share initiative aimed at a common ownership between all members and supporters. The ‘Buy Our Shares Scheme’ will enable everyone involved to become a BOSS at the club.

The vision is that all supporters can become shareholders in their club. This will enable long term decisions to be placed in the hands of those who truly care about its future success. Long term financial structures need to be put in place to ensure the club prospers within its community.

The strategic aim of the Board of Directors is to ensure that the ownership of Ponty Rugby Ltd is held by the many loyal supporters who turn up to watch the club through good and bad times.

The aim is to offer an affordable scheme for supporters to purchase Ponty Rugby Ltd shares by means of a monthly standing order. Currently each share has a value of £50 – each supporter willing to commit to paying a monthly standing order will receive a new share certificate every time £50 is accumulated. A register of standing orders and shareholders is being maintained. When an individual becomes a Club shareholder through the scheme this then enables them to attend AGMs/EGMs and vote on various motions that affects the running of Pontypridd RFC.

Groundwork via the Scheme…

Some examples of the work carried out in the summer of 2023 thanks to the BOSS Scheme  – new uPVC doors have been fitted on both exits to the back of the Clubhouse whilst all the rooms have been redecorated, with some rugby memorabilia being placed back in the Bob Penberthy Lounge and main Clubhouse Bar.

The new uPVC doors on the Clubhouse at Sardis Road.


Over in the Grandstand there has been major roof repairs. Given the age of the roof, these major repairs were required, the majority of which have now been undertaken.  Whilst there are still some elements to complete this work, this should stop the flooding that took place on a regular basis.

In the changing rooms separate shower areas are now in place for both Home and Away teams, removing the previous ‘communal’ showers.  Access to the toilet area for the Away team has also been improved with several upgrades also being made to that area.  There are still some outstanding elements (e.g. painting, tiling) which will be completed over the next few weeks.

Having considered feedback regarding the Presidents Lounge that was upstairs in the Grandstand, work is being undertaken to move this to the site of the former William Gibby lounge, including a new doorway allowing access direct from the walkway (whereas previously entry was via the players’ tunnel area).  It was hoped this work would have been completed and the Lounge open for last weekend’s Cardiff game, unfortunately delivery of the new doors has been delayed from the supplier.  Rest assured, the Club are doing everything they can to complete this work and have the new Presidents Lounge open as soon as possible.

The BOSS Scheme helps to fund these capital expenditure projects for the Club and, as has been touched upon, members or anyone else can buy into the BOSS by contributing a minimum of £10 per month and for every £50 received the Club will issue a share certificate of 1 share in acknowledgement. The monthly standing orders go directly into the BOSS account and does not get used for the day to day running of the Club. Any withdrawals from the BOSS account must be agreed by the Club’s directors beforehand.

Buying into the Scheme really does make a difference to Pontypridd RFC as a Club whilst giving the individuals that do a say in the way the Club is run. If you would like more information about the Scheme and/or to sign up to it please e-mail Pontypridd RFC at

Sign up and become a B.O.S.S. at Pontypridd RFC