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Supporters – have your say!

The Welsh Rugby Union is conducting a review of its performance competition structure for adult male rugby below Regional Rugby to include the Premier Division and the Championship and is seeking the input of its key stakeholders.

The purpose of the review is:

  • To inform a ‘future’ competition structure that supports the performance pathway for players within the adult male game.
  • To identify the ‘pathway’ required to support player development plus coach/referee development and support staff to national level.
  • To understand the barriers to performance, participation and development that exists within the current competition structure.
  • To support the financial sustainability of the Premier Division and Championship.

The WRU has appointed independent consultants to conduct the review and they have already hosted workshops and meetings with other key stakeholders. During November there will be further meetings and consultation to try to ensure that the review is thorough.

The Club Survey can be found at

Welcoming the review, Ponty Rugby CEO Steve Reardon commented: “I have already met with the Independent Consultants and indeed suggested to them that Club Members and Supporters were a significant factor in the Review.

“Consequently, it is vital that you, as individual supporters of Pontypridd RFC, support the club in the numbers to which our team is accustomed to being supported on the field of play.

“It is likely that this Review will fundamentally change the landscape and function of the Premier Division irrevocably – don’t leave that change to others to decide, don’t let that change take place without your input. It’s your Premier Division as much as anybody else’s, have your say!”