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Player’s Blog – Kristian Parker

A belated Happy New Year to you all, I hope everyone out there is keeping safe and well.

As we come around to almost the first anniversary since we last played, the question is – where has the time gone? For the last twelve months it has been like living in a disaster movie, surrounded by a pandemic, being told to stay at home and not to see anyone.

Just before the first lockdown came into effect, I had changed job roles from WRU Hub Officer to a sports apprenticeship officer with MPCT. I have been lucky with the support given by my new colleagues, enabling me to hit the ground running on what has been a busy and challenging work programme. Having this schedule to follow has helped me pass the time spent indoors but also to keep my mental health in check.

During each lockdown, I have tried to keep myself as active as possible with various activities, from running dreaded ‘broncos’ on the football pitch to long walks around the RCT area with family and loved ones. I managed to pick up an exercise bike for the house which has been a godsend for me to work on my fitness in preparation for the time when rugby eventually returns. During January I was helping raise money for the charity ‘MIND’ by running 124km, which for a heavyweight like me was no mean feat and not the prettiest sight!

Having had last season cut short due to the pandemic was unfortunate, but I could not have enjoyed my first year at Pontypridd RFC any more – the boys, coaches, staff, and supporters all made me feel very much at home. I am not sure when rugby will return, however I am sure that all involved  cannot wait to be back together at the club.

I hope everyone continues to stay safe and hope to see everyone back at Sardis Road before too long. Ole!

Kristian Parker