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In our day – Friday 30th September 2022


The next event in our series of ‘in conversation with’ is all about who you think was the greatest Ponty team in living memory.

A notoriously difficult comparison to make and riddled with all kinds of differing opinions. How can you hope to unravel this conundrum? Well, we will give it a go by chatting with those that were there. “Oh, we had it tough” – a flavour of the likely discussion!

An entertaining evening in discussion with players from arguably Ponty RFC’s three greatest periods in living memory – the late 1970’s, the late 1990’s and the recent double-double winning sides of the 2010’s.

It’ll be a discussion about what it was really like playing then, whichever ‘then’ you believe was the real rugby, the hardest rugby, the most ‘professional’ or whatever else you would like to know.

Panels including Bob Penberthy, Tom David, Karl Swain, Adrian Barwood, Neil Eynon, Dai Manley, Chris Dicomidis, Dan Godfrey and Dafydd Lockyer will be on hand to tell it as it was, and how ‘tough’ it was for them.

It all takes place on Friday 30th September 2022 at 7:00pm in the Grandstand Lounge at Sardis Road. Tickets are priced at £10 per person and there’s limited availability.

Tickets available to purchase online from our e-Ticket service or from the club office on Monday and Thursday mornings between 9am-midday.