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Become a BOSS at Ponty Rugby!!

Ponty Rugby Ltd has in place a share initiative aimed at a common ownership between all members and supporters. The ‘Buy Our Shares Scheme’ will enable everyone involved to become a BOSS at the club.

The stated intention is to ensure that the club can be successful on the field of play, to manage the affairs of the club to the benefit of shareholders and supporters and to provide Pontypridd supporters with a unique identity and affinity with their club.

The vision is that all supporters can become shareholders in their club. This will enable long term decisions to be placed in the hands of those who truly care about its future success. Long term financial structures need to be put in place to ensure the club remains successful on the playing field and prospers within its community.

The strategic aim of the Board of Directors is to ensure that ownership of Ponty Rugby Ltd is held by the many loyal supporters who turn up to watch the club through good and bad times.

The aim is to offer an affordable scheme for supporters to purchase Ponty Rugby Ltd shares by means of a monthly standing order. Currently each share has a value of £50 :- each supporter willing to commit to paying a monthly standing order will receive a new share certificate every time £50 is accumulated. A register of standing orders and shareholders will be maintained.

Ponty Rugby Ltd appeals to all members and supporters to buy into the BOSS initiative – the process is a simple one by printing off the attached form and returning copies to your bank and to the Club Office or forwarding the electronic version to:

Share application

Share application – pdf