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Back chatting – the new Supporters’ Forum

The launch of the new Pontypridd RFC website has had a very positive response, but one aspect of the old website that has been sorely missed by many is the Supporters’ Forum.

The decision had been taken to go ahead with the new website whilst work was still on-going to create a new Forum, one that would be far more user friendly and compatible to the needs of those taking part.

The club’s Digital Content Manager Jon Penny has been hard at work setting up the new forum, which will ‘go live’ this coming Friday 6th October, as a direct link from the club website.

Forum members will be required to register, supplying their identity, but in the spirit of free speech, can then log-on under their favoured pseudonym.

Pontypridd supporters in general are chatty people, passionate and opinionated – the new forum will no doubt be a popular meeting place for them all!