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Scottish – Welsh cross border fixtures announced

Some famous names of Welsh and Scottish rugby will renew old friendships and rivalries in cross-border matches between Indigo Group Premiership sides and Scottish Super6 teams at the end of the season.

The top six sides from last season’s Premiership will play all six new Scottish Super6 teams on a home or away basis. Watsonians, Heriot’s, Stirling County and Boroughmuir will be well-known names to Welsh supporters and are included in Scottish Rugby’s new semi-professional competition, while Melrose and Ayr have rebranded and will play as Southern Knights and Ayrshire Bulls respectively.

Following the conclusion of the Indigo Group Premiership and inaugural Fosroc Super6 in Scotland, the new cross-border competition will take place on consecutive weekends from April through to May, with each team hosting three games on home turf and all sides playing each other once.

Ebbw Vale, Pontypridd and Aberavon begin at home to Southern Knights, Ayrshire Bulls and Stirling County respectively on the weekend of April 25, while Cardiff, Llandovery and Merthyr travel to Watsonians, Heriots and Boroughmuir Bears.

Jonathan Jones, chair of Ebbw Vale and the Premiership clubs said, “We’re really excited about this opportunity of cross-border competition against these Scottish teams. It is a welcome new addition to our season for everyone involved. As a club we have an old friendship with Watsonians which we are looking forward to renewing – the supporters are already looking at which match – or matches – they can organise trips to!”

Jason Hyatt, Aberavon head coach said, “We worked hard at the end of last season to finish in the top six and secure our spot for this competition.

“t’s always good to expose our players and everyone involved to different opposition. We enjoyed the British & Irish Cup and we are delighted to be part of the Super6 for the same reasons.

“We have a competitive squad and while we will be aiming for success on all fronts this season, these matches will bring a welcome freshness at the end of the season.”

Justin Burnell, Pontypridd head coach added, “This is an exciting, extra dimension to the season for players, supporters and coaches too. It’s a great reward for the top six clubs from last season’s Premiership and hopefully the competition will stay and expand in the future.”

On the announcement Fosroc Super6 Tournament Director Stephen Gemmell said, “We’re delighted to be able to announce these fixtures alongside the WRU. The tournament will provide our six teams with quality opposition against their experienced Welsh counterparts and will make for some intense, physical and, I am sure, entertaining rugby.

“Our clubs have enjoyed similar cross border matches in the old B&I Cup and these new fixtures are a great addition to our Super6 calendar and will provide a significant challenge for the players and coaches of all of our teams.”

Full fixtures 2020

Week 1 – April 25th

Watsonians Rugby v Cardiff

Heriots Rugby v Llandovery

Boroughmuir Bears v Merthyr

Ebbw Vale v Southern Knights

Pontypridd v Ayrshire Bulls

Aberavon v Stirling County

Week 2 – May 2nd

Watsonians Rugby v Ebbw Vale

Heriots Rugby v Aberavon

Ayrshire Bulls v Llandovery

Cardiff v Boroughmuir Bears

Pontypridd v Stirling County

Merthyr v Southern Knights

Week 3 – May 9th

Watsonians Rugby v Pontypridd

Heriots Rugby v Cardiff

Stirling County v Merthyr

Ebbw Vale v Ayrshire Bulls

Llandovery v Southern Knights

Aberavon v Boroughmuir Bears

Week 4 – May 16th

Southern Knights v Aberavon

Boroughmuir Bears v Pontypridd

Stirling County v Llandovery

Cardiff v Ayrshire Bulls

Merthyr v Watsonians Rugby

Ebbw Vale v Heriots Rugby

Week 5 – May 23rd

Southern Knights v Cardiff

Ayrshire Bulls v Merthyr

Stirling County v Ebbw Vale

Aberavon v Watsonians Rugby

Pontypridd v Heriots Rugby

Llandovery v Boroughmuir Bears

Week 6 – May 30th

Southern Knights v Pontypridd

Boroughmuir Bears v Ebbw Vale

Ayrshire Bulls v Aberavon

Llandovery v Watsonians Rugby

Merthyr v Heriots Rugby

Cardiff v Stirling County