Pontypridd RFC and the Valleys Rugby Initiative


Pontypridd RFC and the Valleys Rugby Initiative

Ponty Rugby Ltd Chief Executive Officer Stephen Reardon has issued a statement reflecting on the launch of the Valleys Rugby Initiative…

Following the demise of the Celtic Warriors, the current Board of Directors of Ponty Rugby Limited was elected in December 2003. The primary objective of the Board was to secure Pontypridd RFC financially; its secondary objective was to maintain the highest level of competition permissible on the field of play.

Thanks to the contribution on the field of play of our coaches and players, thanks to the investment of our business partners and sponsors and thanks to the dedication and loyalty of our supporters, we have achieved together the modest goals that we set ourselves. However, the thirst of ambition can never be quenched while Pontypridd RFC still possesses the potential to contribute again, directly at the highest level of the game in Wales.

In 2001, it was argued that the rugby community in Wales was parochial and that parochialism was a weakness. Parochialism may be perceived as a weakness in some environments but in the valleys of Glamorgan and Gwent it was our strength within rugby football. Sardis Road is known throughout the rugby-playing world, Sardis Road is a valleys brand with a valleys heritage and a valleys culture. Ultimately, we are valleys people and we are a valleys club.

In the 1960’s a humble man from Brooklyn coached an unfashionable grid iron football team to five Divisional Championships and the first and second National Championships or ‘Super bowls’. The prowess of the late Vincent Lombardi earned him the status of legend, as he became almost as famous for his sayings as he did for his genius in the world of U.S. Sport.

He is credited with many sayings, but the way in which he described the Green Bay Packers almost fifty years ago, resonates with us today – “The measure of who we are, is what we do with what we have.”

Presently, there is a review of the professional game of rugby football in Wales. If not to ourselves, we owe it to future generations of the valleys to try to impact upon that review. That is why Ponty Rugby Limited has taken the decision to support the Valleys Rugby Initiative.

Stephen Reardon


Ponty Rugby Ltd.,


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