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Player Blog – Sion Parry

Last season was my first with Pontypridd and it was a very enjoyable year for me.

It was gutting to have it cut short due to the Covid-19 outbreak which meant we didn’t get to finish the season off and have our trips up to Scotland, which would have been great fun I’m sure.

We had some good wins during the campaign, especially the game against Cardiff at home. There were also games in which we would have liked to have done better, but that’s something we can work on and improve for next season.

Coming to Ponty was a great opportunity for me and I’m very glad I took it. There is real competition for places within the squad as well as a positive atmosphere. As the season went on I was given more chances to play and racked up a good bit of game time.

At the moment, from being off work, not seeing so many people or playing rugby, lockdown has been a very weird experience.

As a carpenter, the first ten to twelve weeks of lockdown meant I couldn’t work at all. However, I am lucky enough to own some weights so I have been able to keep my strength training going to an extent, and with all the time that we had I was keeping fit by doing a lot more running and fitness sessions which has been good. For the last month I have been back at work and life is slowly becoming more normal again for me.

I’m hoping that lockdown will come to an end before long and life can go back to how it was before this virus came along. I’m looking forward to getting back into training with all the boys and seeing the back room staff who help us lads keep going, and of course, to run out in front of the best fans at the House of Pain.

I can’t wait for next season to come so that we can improve on ourselves individually and as a team from our performances of last season.


Siôn Parry