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Player blog – Alex Webber

Last season was an odd one out in many ways, as it finished early due to the coronavirus pandemic and with games already being postponed due to the weather. On a personal level I didn’t score as many tries as the previous season so overall I was a little disappointed with my own performance.

Finishing the season with trips to Scotland was something to look forward to, the boys in the squad were keen on the idea and it would have been good for us to test ourselves against different opposition – something we have lacked since the British & Irish Cup was taken away from us. I know that Ponty supporters were also very much looking forward to some good away trips, but not to be.

My fitness levels during this lockdown period are probably the best they have ever been. I’m lucky that I purchased quite a bit of equipment and I have been following a diet since I have been working from home, which makes it easier to maintain.

I work for training provider MPCT delivering sports and fitness qualifications to students based at Rhondda College and I’ve been creating and posting videos for the students to take part in circuit sessions to keep them active through the lockdown.

There’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment and I don’t think anyone can predict what is going to happen. The safety of players and supporters obviously comes first but I’m hoping that soon we are given a chance to resume training and that we can get back up ready for another season in September or as soon as possible.

Some young players and newcomers to the squad had a taste of Premiership rugby last season and I’m hoping to see them now establish their place in the team. Hopefully we can start challenging for titles and cups again – that is our aim at the start of every season and it will be no different this time around.

Alex Webber