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Festive trivia – the questions

We give you ten Christmas cracker trivia questions to engage the grey matter during the holiday / lockdown period, all related to Pontypridd RFC in the December – January period. The answers will be posted tomorrow (Tuesday) morning – good luck!

1.The history books and club badge indicate that Pontypridd RFC was formed in 1876, but records show a first game played by a team representing the town on 18th December 1873 – who were the opponents?

2.An iconic Ponty back made the first of his 375 club appearances on 8th January 1986 against Lydney – who was he?

3.A British & Irish Cup game on 18th December 2010 was called off due to a snowbound Sardis Road pitch – who were the opponents?

4.On 29th December 1984 Pontypridd battled out a 3-3 draw against local opposition – which club was it?

5.Ponty’s last game of 1998 on 19th December, and the first game f 1999 on 2nd January, were played against different teams from the same town – who were they?

6.On 7th January 1997 Pontypridd lost by 13pts to 15 to an international touring team, who were they?

7.Where was the above game played and why?

8.In the festive derby of 2016 Ponty beat Cardiff by 19pts to 23 – who scored all the opposition points?

9.Through the second half of the 1980s Pontypridd played a regular New Year fixture against another Welsh top class club – which club?

10.What Ponty legend made his final club appearance on 11th December 1985?