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Captain’s Blog

It is so frustrating and sad that we are now having to go into a second lockdown, just as we seemed to be getting back to some sort of normality in life. Of course people’s health is the main priority and with the Covid virus back on the rise that must be dealt with.

All the gyms will be closed again, even for just a couple of weeks, which will be a setback to my training regime. I found the gym I use to be well organised, kept clean and sanitised with good social distancing, and by all accounts the spread of the virus in gym environments is very low. There is also the important issue of mental health to be considered, that getting out and about to go for a workout is beneficial to people under the current restrictions. Hopefully we can get back in there soon.

I have some basic weight training equipment in the house and I’ll be back to running flat out as this short lockdown kicks in. I feel fitter now than I have for a long time and the one benefit from taking time out from playing is that my body has recovered and strengthened, my shoulders in particular.

I’m missing the rugby so much, the squad training, playing games, meeting up with friends at the club. We still have no idea as to when we will get back together for any kind of group training or pre-season, whether something might happen around Christmas time or whether the whole season will be written off. It’s a worry, not just for us as senior players, but seeing the kids getting involved in other activities, following the football and forgetting about rugby. Everyone is in limbo and nothing seems as it was.

We can only hope that we get back into a rugby season sooner rather than later. The main concern is that everyone involved with Ponty RFC, players, officials and supporters and their families are keeping well, both physically and mentally, and able to keep things together through this very difficult time. I hope to see everyone back where we should be, at Sardis Road, before too long.

Dafydd Lockyer – Club Captain